Lesson learned

This morning, Sunshine got up early to go hunting in the woods behind the house. That event isn’t worth writing about in and of itself.

However, Sunshine didn’t feed the cats before he walked into the woods, and wound up with cats in the tree with him. Lots of cats.

So he climbed back down and hiked back up to the house to feed the cats. On his way back into the woods, he came across one tiny little kitten sitting in the trail wailing away, lost and hungry. So he had to pick up the little kitten and bring it back to the house to leave him to hunt in peace.

The moral of this story is that we have to many fucking cats and Sunshine and Mr B need to load up all these excess cats and take them to the cat sanctuary at the buddhist monastery or wherethefuckever they plan to take them

The personal lesson for Sunshine is that he might want to feed the damn cats before he goes hunting from now on.



Sometimes, other people write my posts for me.

Last night, Mr B wrote today’s blog post.

His RV door has been difficult to open since he bought it. You have to push on the door while you pull on the latch handle. The interior handle is tricky too, but last night it just quit working.

Mr B couldn’t get out of his RV. So Sunshine let him out.

Well, rather than just pull the door shut enough to keep out the bugs and critters, Mr B decided he needed to disassemble to latch mechanism and fix it. After dark. With no exterior lights to help him see.

Sunshine dug up a halogen work light and took it over there. Sunshine was asked to come back home because Mollie and I wanted to spend some time with him. Sunshine spent most of yesterday in a tree trying to get a deer, and we missed him

side note: I’ve also reached a point in my Christmas gift making where I need Sunshine. I need his math and art skills. So I’m hoping to get him to devote a day to helping me make these gifts.

Sunshine took the work light to Mr B. Some time later, Sunshine poked his head in our door to inform me that Mr B had successfully disassembled his door lock mechanism and promptly gone inside and closed the door to see if it worked and immediately become trapped inside the RV. The latch would not work from the inside or the outside.

Now, Mr B wasn’t truly trapped. RVs have escape hatches built in to certain windows. So the situation was not dire.

Ultimately, Sunshine says that Mr B was only trapped inside his RV for 45 minutes. Mr B laughed and said that he wasn’t happy about having written today’s post for me. Don’t feel bad, Mr B–I’ve had to tell on myself for getting stuck under the bed with a plunger poking me in the ribs.

Apparently, Mr B and Sunshine got the door latch mechanism to function properly again, because we haven’t gotten a phone call asking us to come let him out of his RV this morning.

All’s well that ends well, I guess.

Lesson Learned

Back in the spring, right after we arrived here permanently, I got Sunshine to build me a compost bin type thing. I’ve been fairly faithfully putting all of our fruit and vegetable scraps in there, and coffee and tea goes in it, too. I also put some of the dead cactus bits in there, as the internet told me cactus is compostable.

Well, yeah.

The internet didn’t lie. Some of the cactus bits are definitely turning to rotten cactus jelly, others are definitely getting smaller.

The problem seems to be that I didn’t know enough about cactus plants to accurately judge which bits were truly dead and which ones were not.

Which means that we had cactus sprouts appearing in our compost heap.

I spent a morning with a pitchfork and a shovel, picking through the compost pile, pulling out the bits of cactus that I was wrong about.

Lesson learned. Next time I trim the cactus plants (and they definitely need more attention), put the pruned bits in the burn barrel or something–NOT the compost pile.