What the hell, Sunshine?

As I was going through all the junk drawers in the living room last week, I had to stop and shake my head from time to time. There was so much shit in my living room that does not belong in a living room that I almost scratched a hole through my skull trying to figure it out.

However, all of the tools and bullets and arrow tips and shit paled in comparison to this gem:

Why is there a bayonet in my living room? I guess I can see the logic in owning a bayonet, because obviously. Hella cool, amirite?

What I can’t figure out is why it isn’t on a rifle, where it belongs? Why is it in a spinning desktop organizer next to pens and business cards?

I’m sitting here with that damn Sesame Street song stuck in my head:

One of these things just doesn’t belong here,

One of these things is not the same

Thanks, Sunshine. I’m going to sing you that song when you get home from work.


Laws of physics

There are certain laws of physics that are commonly accepted as absolute truth. What goes up must come down. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The amount of stuffs one owns will automatically expand to fill any space it can find.

My dear sweet Sunshine, for all of his innate understanding of the physics behind arches, foundations, pier & beam construction, blast proof arms vaults, black powder shooting…

Well, it’s like he doesn’t understand these basic laws of physics.

What goes up must come down. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Sweatergawd he doesn’t understand that a light switch works two ways. The same can be said of toilet seats but I think that’s all men, so we’ll overlook that one.

Let’s ponder the light switches:

  • He is very good at turning on lights anywhere he goes
  • He has difficulty sleeping when there’s any light involved
  • He bitches about how high the electric bill is during summer
  • He has insisted on very efficient stuffs for the new house because
  • He is very interested in environmental conservation

Considering all of these factoids, one would think that he would be a terrorist nazi drill sergeant about lights being on in spaces that nobody is occupying. Yet every time I turn around, I am having to turn off lights that he has left on. I don’t understand it at all.

Check that off the list

Sunshine finished the fireplace.

It took 3 days.

It is exactly as big and overwhelming as I feared it would be, and I’m ok with it because at least it’s beautiful.

Rude Ass got my chicken shelf on the wall in the bathroom.

We also got the primitive medicine cabinet recessed into the walls, but had to remove it until after the tile goes on the walls.

It’s all so overwhelming that I have retreated into crochet and other creative projects in my spare time, which means I’m stash-busting like a motherfucker. I’m not allowing myself any new yarn until I’ve cleared out a significant portion of my stash, because I do not want to appear on “hoarders: buried alive”, and the repetition of crochet is as soothing to me as praying the rosary might be to a devout Catholic.


Yesterday, we went shopping for rocks.

They had some seriously awesome giant rocks that I wanted to take home and make into some kind of….. well, I never got that far since Sunshine wasn’t having it. Party pooper.

More specifically, we went shopping for the stone to finish the fireplace. We went to a fairly large, really well organized stone yard. There were aisles and everything, making this seem like the Walmart of rocks.

We had a specific fireplace design in mind.

They took us to the rocks that were closest to the picture. I didn’t think they were dark enough, but this fireplace is a monument to Sunshine’s ego Sunshine’s baby, so I kept my mouth (mostly) shut.

In the background, you can see the rocks I liked. The mix with a wide range of really dark to really light colors. In the foreground, you can see some seriously giant slabs of rock that Sunshine wanted to use for the mantel; but he really didn’t want to deal with the logistical headache of getting that fucker in the air to mount it, so he moved on to something more reasonably sized (I think you can actually see them in the middle distance, but I’m not sure).

They weighed the rocks, which was kind of cool to ponder. These rocks are sold by the ton, except when they’re sold by the piece; that started cooking my noodle so I just watched the really cool Toyota forklifts driving down the aisles of this Walmart of rocks.

Even though it looked like a small load, we definitely felt the weight of the rocks as we transported them home. We were grateful that the trailer brakes worked well, because that trailer with those little stacks of rocks is way heavier than it looks.

While I definitely wanted darker rocks for the fireplace, I can say that the ones Sunshine picked will go well with the tan and chocolate on the walls inside our house, so I’m most decidedly not mad at them.

I especially like the dark-ish ones he chose to top the hearth.

I think he and Biff will be starting on the fireplace tomorrow. Today, Biff is coating the bathroom in redguard waterproofing to make it a wet room. We’re going to be picking the tile for all that soon, and we’re going to see if Biff can set tile as well as he says he can. His knees are 11 years younger than Sunshine’s, so we’re hoping his ass can cash the checks his mouth has been writing.

I’ll have another photo dump soon, because things are happening fast (at the moment, anyway). Rude Ass has gotten more lights hung, he’s taken down the lights he previously hung and made decorative ceiling medallions to fully cover the holes the electrical lines pass through, he’s working on the trim around the ceiling…

We’re definitely getting into the fun parts of this build, so I’m hopeful we’ll be in the new house before summer sets in properly. I can’t handle much more temperature extreme (of any persuasion) in this RV.

Meet the Flinstones: Sunshine

I know that some of you enjoy my mindless drivel (thank you for that, Benjamin); however, there is more to this fledgling intentional community than just me/myself/and I. I’m going to start trying to regularly introduce you to some of the other members that live here, some of the people we interact with regularly (like my boss, hopefully); and I also want to introduce you to members of the community that lives in my phone and tablet.

Today, I’m introducing you to Sunshine, my better half. I’ve been wanting to post about the time he hunted with a wolf by his side.

On the red carpet for “uncertain” at Tribeca: Sunshine, Henry Lewis, Ewanna (Ewan and Anna) of Lucid Inc., and Zach Warren. With Sunshine in camo: Ewan and Steve of Lucid Inc.

Well. this week, I got Sunshine to sit down and tell me the story about the day he crawled through the woods, side by side with a wolf, stalking feral pigs.
Side note: he’s technologically resistant, so I just had to type fast while he told me the story. I apologize for not having him do it himself so he could answer any questions or fill in more details, but I promise to get him to answer any questions as quickly as I can.

What follows is what he told me to type.

It was late afternoon. I had taken a guy on an unofficial guided wild pig hunt. We got up on a group of pigs, but the wind wasn’t in our favor. We were attempting to circle around behind these pigs and flush them out in the open from the thick underbrush they were in.

I got a glimpse of them as they passed down an open trail, but my objective was for the other guy to get to shoot a pig as he was my unofficial greenhorn client and he wasn’t in a position to fire. I placed him at the end of a trail and circled around behind the pigs.

The brush became extremely thick, and the only way in was to crawl on my hands & knees on the trails through the brush that the pigs traveled on. I had crawled about 30 to 40 yards into a thicket, where I found an opening in the brush. I caught some movement in my peripheral vision on my right. I was expecting to see a pig, and turned my head very slowly since pigs have poor vision and notice movement. I locked eyes with a red wolf in a crouched position, stalking the same pigs I was stalking, about 20 feet to my right. We looked at each other for 3 or 4 seconds, then the wolf continued to move forward in a low crouch.

That’s the closest I’ve ever been to a wolf in the wild. I suspect the wolf perceived me as another predator, possibly part of his pack, and therefore didn’t perceive me as a threat.

As I continued on to try to flush these pigs, they were able to evade me, and we went home empty handed. However, the experience I had with the wolf was a form of spiritual recognition of one predator to another, and the connectedness of all things. I felt very honored to have this moment of spiritual clarity, where this creature and I shared a primal common bond. I hope my brother, the wolf, had a successful hunt.

Some day, I’ll get him to sit with me and answer some questions (the same set of questions I hope to get others to answer in guest posts) so that you can get to know him a bit better. Until that day, I think that this story represents Sunshine in a nutshell for anyone that hasn’t met him or seen “Uncertain“.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and get to know my Sunshine a wee bit better. We are always humbled when someone takes an interest in what we’re up to and tries to learn more about us; this blog is no exception.