Meet the Flintstones: Mrs B

Mrs B is a science teacher. She cam to me a couple of months ago wanting to know if I needed some old canning lids, or if it was ok to donate them to a science project for her class.

She brought me one of the finished objects, and I was delighted with the repurposing going on here.

They made little cars with old soda cans, old jar lids, old straws; balloons, glue, and tape.

The students would blow up the balloon using the straw; and as the balloon deflated the car would go.

I think it’s a pretty fun way to demonstrate physics to kids.

A huge thank you to Mrs B for sharing her science project (and creative repurposing) with us.


Bits and bobs

Fancy black switch and outlet plates for the bedroom

Purple tile for the shower walls (bought from a salvage store like ReStore; Rude Ass said he knew that was the one before I even saw them, and sure enough when I did–the heavens opened and light shone down and angels sang “hallelujah”)

Cobalt tiles for bathroom backsplash (part of our haul from the tile warehouse, please excuse the dirt on all the tile, they’ll be cleaned for installation)

Commercial grade non slip tiles for the bathroom floor (more of our haul from the tile warehouse, we’re using mostly the grey, with an occasional tan one thrown in randomly)

Handle for barn door

Leather for pull on bathroom side of barn door (taken from an old Linea Pelle belt I bought from Barney’s and never ever wore not even once)

Some planter dishes I’m turning into trinket dishes (I’ll be attaching giraffe figurines to them after Rude Ass clearcoats them)

The giraffes that will be in the trinket dishes

The niche in my shower

The tiles for the niche (even more of our haul from the tile warehouse)

Primitive medicine cabinet for Sunshine’s razor and shit

This groovy-as-hell light fixture that Rude Ass salvaged from fuck knows which 70s dive bar (Sunshine hates it, so I don’t get to hang it from the ceiling, so Rude Ass is going to make it into a table lamp)

Shelf brackets (left over from a job Sunshine did a couple of years ago)

The scrap wood we’re turning into a shelf for those brackets (going to paint it my goof blue, which is kind of robin egg pale blue)

Hinges for the bathroom vanity (bought black and given a quick patina with some craft paint)

Door pulls for bathroom vanity

Knobs for bathroom vanity drawers

Wall mount faucet for our vessel sink (another score from the salvage place, it even had the matching pop-up drain thingy and I only paid $20 for all of it!)

Ceiling fans that Sunshine will be picking up on his way home tomorrow

Galvanized metal from the back of the chicken shelf (we couldn’t bring ourselves to let it cover the reclaimed wood wall, so it will be cut and upcycled into insets in the doors of the vanity)

Last but not least, this toilet paper holder that made me laugh until I snorted like a pig

Desperate times…

…call for desperate measures.

It started raining earlier today, and by mid-afternoon, the steps to the RVs out here were already coated in ice. It got ugly quick.

It is now only 7:30PM and this

is some bullshit.

I went to the laundry-pantry-room to get a can of kosher salt to ice down my front steps and we didn’t have any more.

Side note: it probably all got dumped in RV holding tanks during the last hard freeze when everybody’s drain lines froze along with their supply lines. We had to quickly thaw those blockages out when water came back because the constant drip in every faucet (to prevent a rezfreeze) filled tanks fast and they had to be dumped.

What I DID have, however, was a rather healthy supply of bags of this

Which is the desperate measure I just employed to ice my front steps.

Y’all stay warm and dry, wherever you are. I’m in for the night, warm and dry with hot cocoa just begging me to drink it; and a backup plan to retreat to the house (where there’s a fireplace) if we lose power.

House from found objects

We are expanding the footprint of our shop at work. The boss has been doing some major cleanup.  Like, REALLY cleaning up, instead of just pushing all the junk to the back of the property and forgetting about it.

I had been wanting to ask him about one certain piece for a while. This past Sunday, I found it on the loaded trailer heading to the landfill. So I stole it.

Yes, that is exactly what it appears to be. A store fixture bench for trying on shoes. Laying on its side. Because lazy.

I’m going to have Rude Ass do a little cutting and welding and turn it into a storage ottoman/coffee table with a giant cushion on top. The next door neighbor has a friend that does upholstery, so I can get any kind of cushion I want. I’m thinking something utterly ridiculous, like purple velvet or purple faux fur. I also think a nice coat of matte black paint would do wonders for it.

It definitely keeps with the theme of “house from found objects”, doesn’t it? 


I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired here lately. Part of it is probably attributable to physical pain from aggravating old hip & back injuries; but I don’t think that covers all of it. Maybe there’s some seasonal affective disorder going on.

Whatever, it is what it is and what it is needs to be over because I’m starting to hit crunch time for making Christmas gifts. They might all be “smalls” and not big-ass blankets or whatever, but there are a lot of them, so time’s a’wastin’ and shit.

So, what did I do yesterday?

If you guessed “not Christmas presents”, ding ding ding you win a cardboard cookie!

I made a throw pillow out of an old pair of straight-leg suede pants (such a beautiful dark chocolate color!) Because I don’t already have too many fucking pillows on the bed.

So, I’m writing about my lack of motivation to be productive in hopes that a written record would hold me accountable. It works in my 12 step recovery, so maybe it will work for Christmas gifts.

For our nuclear families, I’m making full sets of cleaning items: machine washable sniffers, dust mitts, bottle scrubbers, blind cleaners, kitchen sponges, and so on. My girl Tia counts as nuclear family, as far as I’m concerned, so that’s a sixth set of cleaning implements to crochet.

For my boss and his wife, hats in their favorite colors. 

For Biff (aka Goldilocks), a hat and a stocking that will be stuffed with little gifts + the hat. I’m on the hunt for some seeds that will sprout twinkies for him, since he considers twinkies to be there own food group that is indispensable to life. So far, my search has been fruitless.

I had wanted to crochet a blanket for Sunshine, but that ship has long since sailed for this year, so maybe next year I’ll get started on that in time.

I’m also fairly certain that I’m forgetting a number of people that I’ll wind up making gifts for, but really… I’ll worry about that tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is all other day.

Fun finds

Sunshine and I went to the local flea-market trade-days last month to see what we could find that was interesting and had potential for use in our little house.

We found this.

It’s a thingamabob that chickens nest and lay eggs in. It’s currently oriented the wrong way; it will actually mount horizontally. I’m going to use it to hold towels, laundry supplies, and etcetera in the bathroom. Well, thats what im going to do with it after I give it a good power-wash. Even though it looks and smells clean, I’m not taking any chances. 

I’m definitely going for a “house from found objects” vibe. I think this is a step in that direction.

In keeping with that “house from found objects” theme, I ordered this:

It’s so delightfully stupid, so completely fucking random, that I could not stop myself from completing the order. A toilet brush that looks like a cartoon flower in a pot? Who doesn’t want one of those?

I should probably stay the hell away from zulily. Between my random purchases and all the tea-themed sales I keep alerting Patricia to, I’m going to wind somebody up in trouble.

Yet another DIY project

Yesterday, I was helping the boss get an area of the yard cleaned up so he could bring in some more firewood. I’m lucky I didn’t break an ankle of something, because he area is a disaster of logs, canvas signs, broken pallets, giant bins of trash, and fuck knows what else.

But that’s not the point of this post. This is:

I saw this pallet laying there and asked what he was going to do with it. He told that I could have it if I wanted it.

I didn’t see a broken pallet. I saw a towel rack for the bathroom or a blanket rack for the living room.

Now I just have to finish my coffee table and the candle holders. This pallet needs some repairs, and it definitely needs to be sanded smooth and sealed with some clear coat. 

When am I going to allow myself time to make Christmas gifts? I really think I’m insane or something.