Yet another DIY project

Yesterday, I was helping the boss get an area of the yard cleaned up so he could bring in some more firewood. I’m lucky I didn’t break an ankle of something, because he area is a disaster of logs, canvas signs, broken pallets, giant bins of trash, and fuck knows what else.

But that’s not the point of this post. This is:

I saw this pallet laying there and asked what he was going to do with it. He told that I could have it if I wanted it.

I didn’t see a broken pallet. I saw a towel rack for the bathroom or a blanket rack for the living room.

Now I just have to finish my coffee table and the candle holders. This pallet needs some repairs, and it definitely needs to be sanded smooth and sealed with some clear coat. 

When am I going to allow myself time to make Christmas gifts? I really think I’m insane or something.


The last of the wood walls

I got the bathroom walls done.

It’s time to pack away the reclaimed wood until we can get the kitchen cabinets in and wrap the back and sides of the peninsula in reclaimed wood.

Final note: also, must pack away all the things so the spray foam guys can come in and spray insulation into the ceiling. They tape off everything so no over spray gets on your walls and floors and such; but they charge extra to move shit.

Postscript: once again, there’s Rude Ass, sticking his lower half in my damned pictures😅

Reader poll. Because I need help

So I found this sign at work this weekend and I stole it.

It’s not like the boss ever uses any of these signs once they’re torn down. Also? I found it in a pile out back, where it has resided for so long that I never even knew we had it.

I know I want to use this sign somewhere in my little house. It just made my heart sing for some strange reason. I just can’t figure out HOW I want to use it.

Do I want to hang it on a wall as “an art”? Do I want to make it into a shelf in my closet? Do I want to make it (in its entirety)  a part of a reclaimed wood wall in my bathroom? Or does it become part of the reclaimed wood face of the kitchen peninsula? Does it become a bench seat in my closet. Or do I do something else with it that I haven’t thought up yet?

Please help me, I can’t decide the perfectest use for this sign!

Without further ado, I give you:

the sign.

Repurposing project 

Since Sunshine couldn’t be bothered to get the table out of the barn for me, I did it myself.

One of the legs had rotted away at the bottom, so the table was all wobbly.

I’m going to refinish this table to put in the corner of the closet so I have a place to sit while I’m putting on shoes. It will also give me a bit of extra storage for small, infrequently used things. Like socks. 

I think I’ll be using the top of the upper level to display some of my expensive shoes. Because they do make my heart sing, so they should be appreciated even when I’m not wearing them.


So yesterday, Rude Ass was ready to get back into the swing of things at our little house. We started the reclaimed wood walls. First, he had to cut the OSB and attach it to the framing.

Actually,  first, he had to move all of the outlets and switches so that they would be flush with the finished walls. Then he put the OSB in place.

Then we got to start putting the reclaimed wood on the walls.

I picked boards and told Rude Ass which ones went where, and he graciously cut and nailed boards until lunch. 

After lunch, we finished the bedroom walls.

Once those were finished, I was ready to move on to the living room wall, but Rude Ass was ready to call it a day. I can’t blame him, he did all the hard stuff all day.

He got the first row up and then he let me have at it. I started nailing boards to the OSB until Sunshine said I was running out of daylight. 

I’m hoping Rude Ass is going to help me finish the living room wall tomorrow,  because I’m so excited to actually see stuff start to come together!

Composting class

Mr B has a friend that is pretty knowledgeable about composting. This guy has invented a large-scale tumbling composter, and he’s found a freegan spool to make an even larger version of it for me.

I can’t reach all the way to the top. That’s how big this thing is!

Side note: this guy says we’re almost composting on an industrial scale, what with all that backdoor fruit my boss sends home with me. Whoa.

I got to pick his brain about composting. He says my compost heap stinks because it’s gone anaerobic.  It’s gone anaerobic because I haven’t been putting enough brown in it. Brown is stuff like sawdust, wood chips, rotten sticks. He and Mr B had some cellulose left over from one of their product testing experiments, and Mr B and I tossed it into my compost heap. I’ve been instructed to keep my ratio of brown to green roughly equal.

This morning, I went out and added some newspaper and egg cartons, toilet paper and paper towel cores, and plain brown paper from deer feed bags to the old compost heap and started a new one with our household compost bucket contents and more of the paper products.

Sunday, when I go to work, I guess I’ll be doing my boss a favor by cleaning up all of the wood chips all and bits of bark around his firewood stacks so I can at least start trying to match the amount of backdoor fruits & vegetables I bring home. 

Monumental peach jam?

My boss dropped over a bushel of peaches on me yesterday. The texture was off on them, so he asked me if I’d want to try to make anything out of them.

I had to send out a call for help, because there was no way they’d survive the day in my truck in the Texas heat, so I radio’d Mr B.  His sister lives near my work, so she agreed to put them in her very well air-conditioned house until I headed home.

Sunshine just shook his head as he helped me get them in the house.

I don’t blame him.

This morning,  I’ve been getting my shit together to do something with all of these peaches.

I’ve got plans for some peach syrup, some vanilla peach jam, and possibly some canned peaches.

Mr B was gracious enough to come help me get the peaches peeled and sliced.

We got through about half of them before we started running out of containers and counter space. I need a real kitchen desperately! 

I’m now in the early stages of making syrup. After that, jam. Then canned peaches, if I have the energy. I do have a full day of work tomorrow,  after all is said and done today. 

I’m keeping usable food out of the landfill, and I’m using all parts of the peaches. The skins and pits are being used to make the peach syrup.  The small bits and mushy bits are going into the jam. The firm bits will be canned. If I have the energy, that is. This is a lot of fucking peaches. When I’m done for the day, everything unused (or left over) will go into our compost heap.

It’s going to be a long day. Wish me luck!