So much progress!

For the past two days, a crew has been out here installing a septic system.

They’re due back today to finish. I’m going to be pissed if they don’t get it finished before the weekend. They’ve got giant holes dug all around the yard, and Mollie can’t be left outdoors unsupervised because if she falls in then we would play hell getting her out. Plus, I’m tired of having to hike up the hill whenever I gotta poop.


Free range yoga

I’ve been in the new place for about a week now. It isn’t finished, but um already enjoying the benefits of my new home.

Today, I did some yoga (for the first time in two weeks or so)

And I didn’t have to move furniture!

Ignore that small piece of furniture randomly sitting in the middle of the floor on the right. I meant to move it to the barn today but completely forgot because

I got distracted by how much space I had to do yoga.

Well, at least that’s what happened after Rude Ass finished the conduit runs for the Cat6 cable for the internet.

Side note: I’m starting to wonder if there’s anything that Rude Ass can’t do

So there’s your sneak peak at the entertainment center in use. One of these days, the place will be finished and I’ll upload a video tour. Until then, sneak peak pics will have to suffice.


I have internet at home again! No more sitting on a bench inside Walmart using their free wifi, no more posting from inside a 12-step meeting, no more sitting on Mr B’s deck stealing his wifi, no more trying to get a signal at work (that metal roof is murder on a cellphone signal).

Yesterday, the gas company delivered a tank and some propane, so I now have hot water and I can use the stove. Not that I really want to cook anything, its fucking hot outside and hot food just sounds so unfun to prepare. However, it is nice to be able to use my percolator for my morning coffee again. The drop coffeemaker was a life-saver, but it’s time to send it to a new home. DaRule needs a coffeemaker and we happen to have an almost new one!

Rude Ass has been finishing up lots of little projects this week. The stove is now level (the floor is not), the toe-kicks have been added to the kitchen cabinets, the drain lines have been installed in anticipation of septic system install (hopefully soon), the coffee table is finished, the bookshelf for my craft stash is in place…

I think Mollie is adjusting to a new home quicker than I am. I’m still having trouble believing that it’s real. I’ve completely moved all of our kitchen stuff from the RV, and I’m not anywhere close to filling up all of these cabinets! And my fridge looks so empty even though it’s got a week’s worth of food in it! I even moved all of Sunshine’s meat processing stuff down to the new house and could probably still fit half a Walmart in my kitchen cabinets.

I’ve slowly started putting things away, but you’d never know it to look around right now. I had to empty my craft stash so Rude Ass could fix my bookshelf, and it’s still scattered from here to Kingdom Come.

Side note: I have no idea where Kingdom Come is, but my mom always talked about it when talking about big messes. It seems appropriate, since it looks a bit like the apocalypse happened in my house.

Sunshine is out of town this week, which is making it easier to organize stuffs. I think it’s making it harder to wrap my mind around this being our new house, though. It feels like something is missing, I think.

Some day soon, I’ll post pictures of the new house, but not today. It’s a total fucking disaster in here right now and it’s making me twitch. I gotta go clean it!

Final note: I’ll have an interview with Mr B going up soon. If you have any questions for him, let me know so I can get them added in.

Its starting to look like a kitchen!

The cabinets are installed, they have been wrapped with reclaimed wood, and have been mostly clearcoated.

Obligatory pic of Rude Ass’s ass

We also have our plans for the septic system. Mr B is working on getting them approved by the county so we can get it installed. Which means that there is an end in sight and I’ll actually be able to USE that kitchen someday!

I’m squealing like a girl

My cabinets are here!

Claus has been hard at work for a while now.

I’d say the results are worth the wait.

They’re installing them as I type this post from my perch behind the counter at work and I’m having a hard time stopping myself from telling the boss that “I’m just not feeling it today”.

Soon it will be time to make a final decision on countertops. I really want quartz, but I’m not sure if I can talk Sunshine into it.

Cookies and pamphlets…

I’ve been shit at posting lately. I’ve been dealing with lots of doctor appointments and phone calls and paperwork and it’s been exhausting. When we consider that all of that came on top of the usual madness around here, it’s been a bit much.

All of the paperwork and phone calling has reminded me of a conversation in the foreign language lab when I was at university. My study partner, Raymundo, had everybody laughing at that time he and I were studying some Spanish grammatical concept or another, and I suddenly blurted out “there’s a blanket somewhere” because something we read triggered one of those black wormholes in my mind that ended in me wondering whatever happened to that comforter I had put in the washing machine the day before. So we were all comparing the most weirdly, delightfully random things we had heard anyone say. Charlotte had a young nephew that had once declared that “cookies and pamphlets are the legendary slayers of red tape”.

I don’t know what that has to do with anything, other than the random nature of what’s been going on with us lately.

  • We got some more garden rows planted and are finally seeing some sprouts poke their faces out in search of the sun.
  • I broke out my new weedeater this week and selectively weedeatered exactly what I felt like weedeatering because I’m finally making amends to myself and that involves placing myself at the top of my own priority list since nobody else around here places me on theirs
  • My goji berry plants arrived and Sunshine helped me plant those in a container until we can determine the best place to plant them permanently where Mr B will not fuck them up with a tractor or lawnmower
  • My kitchen cabinets arrive late tonight and get installed this weekend while I’m at work
  • Rude Ass and I designed a nightstand for my side of the bed that will also double as Miss Mollie’s stairs to get onto & off of the bed without jumping and endangering her little dachshund back
  • Rude Ass declared us ready to call the local gas company and have a tank delivered and filled so we can have hot water & stove in our new house
  • It seems we are adding a new community member next week, which is awesome because he is supposed to be great at gardening and boy do I ever need help in that department
  • Mr B has come up with a new income scheme: buying, fixing, and flipping boats. Rude Ass seems none too happy about it because “Mr B ain’t no mechanic” which means Mr B intends to buy boats, have Rude Ass fix them, and then Mr B will sell them. Mr B might need to be educated as to what “boat” stands for (break out another thousand)

See, random ass shit happens around here, and constructive shit rarely occurs. We still have no plans for a septic system, which means we can’t move into the house anytime soon. And with Mr B having so many half finished projects around here and a plan to buy/fix/flip boats, I don’t see a septic system happening any time this millennium.

I’m overwhelmed. I’m at my wit’s end. So I’m going to focus on things that make me feel happy. With that, I’m just going to drop this here.

Mollie eating frozen yogurt. Because we couldn’t buy ourselves a frozen yogurt cone without getting one for Mollie too. You’re welcome.