Organized Chaos

I’ve got so much on my plate lately that I’ve been triple booking myself. Seriously, I actually scheduled 3 appointments with different healthcare offices on the same day at almost the same time, leaving myself with a bunch of conflicts and a missed appointment.

The situation is only getting worse. I’ve now got even more appointments with even more organizations/agencies, with even more coming up in the near future. My boss is starting to get understandably frustrated with the notices that I can’t work on day X because of this or that important healthcare thing that must be dealt with. I also need to get some dental work started, but don’t know that I’m up to adding anything else to my plate right now, even without factoring in the job issue.

All of this whining about medical issues ignores the reality that this isn’t the only overwhelming thing I’m dealing with. We just moved into the new house, which is a construction zone with no functioning toilet (leaving me having to hike up the hill to the magic bus whenever I gotta go poop).

So a few days ago, after an appointment in a nearby large town, I went shopping and got myself a planner. It didn’t cost much, and hopefully it will help me stay a bit more organized. It might not be an expensive planner with all of the fancy features, but I think its appropriate for this moment in my life.

Now, if I could just train myself to actually USE it…


April preview

I’m pretty sure I totally failed at any March goals I set for myself. I can’t even remember what they were. I’m giving myself permission to say “fuck it, we’ll try again this month”.

So here goes:

  • Citizens at large interview with a very special certain pirate
  • Start setting up the closet in the new house
  • Start moving winter-type things to the closet of the new house, so it’s easier to get dressed in the morning
  • Meet the Flintstones post featuring Mr B
  • Tackle some of my craft mess in the RV and actually finish something because sweatergawd it’s like an episode of hoarders between my couch & craft storage

Because I’ve been feeling frazzled (possibly because of the visible craft mess and general madness with storage-or lack thereof), I’m not setting any more goals than that.

Hell, at the rate I’ve been going lately, that list is probably overly optimistic.

Famous last words…

“I’ll deal with that tomorrow.”

Except I never do. Between work, building a house, and chronic illness? I’ve been putting off a lot of shit because I don’t have the time or energy to deal with it.

I’m looking around this morning, and I’m seeing how that’s worked out for me. Hint: not very well at all.

So today, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I strained some muscles yesterday at work, I’ve got some of Sunshine’s work pants that need a button sewn on them (although, seeing as how this is the 3rd or 4th time for this particular pair of pants it’s probably time to retire them), 

a pair of Sunshine’s pajamas to replace the drawstring in, 

a truck bed full of rotting pumpkins to add to the compost heap plus mums to transplant,

laundry to do, 

a house to clean, 

dinner to plan and cook, Christmas gifts to start making,

and a whole host of other things I’m sure I’m forgetting about. 

I guess the moral of this story is that procrastination is a silent killer. 

Final note: Sunshine just spontaneously announced that he probably needs to go buy some work pants, and that new pajamas were probably a good idea too. Maybe it DID pay to procrastinate?

I’d lose my head…

…if it weren’t permanently attached to my neck.

I’ve lost my keys. My truck key, house key, work key, safe room closet key; they’re all missing. 

I’m totally freaking out here. I’d really appreciate it if you’d pray to the key gods that I find my keys. I need to go to the bank, and I have to work tomorrow,  and I can’t lock my house while I’m at work tomorrow,  and I can’t let the carpenter into the safe room closet to access his tools today.

I’m so screwed, and I’m panicking.

UPDATE: Mr B found the keys clipped to an eye-hook (for securing loads) in the bed of his truck! YAAAAAAAAY MR B!

Monumental peach jam?

My boss dropped over a bushel of peaches on me yesterday. The texture was off on them, so he asked me if I’d want to try to make anything out of them.

I had to send out a call for help, because there was no way they’d survive the day in my truck in the Texas heat, so I radio’d Mr B.  His sister lives near my work, so she agreed to put them in her very well air-conditioned house until I headed home.

Sunshine just shook his head as he helped me get them in the house.

I don’t blame him.

This morning,  I’ve been getting my shit together to do something with all of these peaches.

I’ve got plans for some peach syrup, some vanilla peach jam, and possibly some canned peaches.

Mr B was gracious enough to come help me get the peaches peeled and sliced.

We got through about half of them before we started running out of containers and counter space. I need a real kitchen desperately! 

I’m now in the early stages of making syrup. After that, jam. Then canned peaches, if I have the energy. I do have a full day of work tomorrow,  after all is said and done today. 

I’m keeping usable food out of the landfill, and I’m using all parts of the peaches. The skins and pits are being used to make the peach syrup.  The small bits and mushy bits are going into the jam. The firm bits will be canned. If I have the energy, that is. This is a lot of fucking peaches. When I’m done for the day, everything unused (or left over) will go into our compost heap.

It’s going to be a long day. Wish me luck!

Hustle and flow

It’s been a rough bunch of weeks for my body. It’s August in Texas, so breathing doesn’t exactly come easy to my lungs. COPD is a total motherbitch sometimes. I’ve been struggling with fatigue in a way that I haven’t felt since the antidepressants really started working. My addict brain says “get the doc to increase the dosage”; the 12 steps tell me to hold off until the weather cools back down a bit and see how I’m feeling then. It’s hard, trying to wait; I hate feeling this old, sore, tired, and generally crappy.

It’s our busy season at the produce stand, so work is 10 to 11 hours of non-stop hustle. It’s basically outdoors, and it’s a lot of lifting and toting. It can be brutal in this heat and humidity. 

We’re building a house, so we’ve been non-stop hustle trying to get the place to an air & water tight point so we can slow down a bit. I’m sick of watching Sunshine kill himself to pay for things, and would like to see him rest & relax a bit.

The fall garden is off to a rollicking good start, but I still haven’t planted the squash and beans. Mr B has promised to help me tomorrow morning,  and he’s usually good at figuring out ways to do gardening that aren’t as punishing to our old-ass bodies. Hopefully,  he can prevent the planting from being an entire day of non-stop hustle. 

My trip to Georgia for my sister’s wedding didn’t help matters any. I spent entirely too long in my truck on both parts of the round-trip drive. I actually slept til 10 one morning; my mom was so alarmed she came in and woke me up to make sure I hadn’t died in my sleep. I’m looking forward to spending Christmas with my family, and am glad Sunshine will be with me to share the driving.

Today, I’m off to help the electrical engineer pre-wire our house; another day of non-stop hustle. We really need to save on labor costs whenever possible, so tag-I’m-it.  All I know to do is go with the flow and hope the weather patterns changes soon so I can maybe feel better.

Been busy

I haven’t posted in a few days. I’ve been a bit busy. I overestimated my spoons yesterday, and wound up spending my day pickling okra and canning tomatoes.

We’ve had two of Sunshine’s granddaughters here with us for the weekend while their dad attends a seminar in the metroplex. If you’re ever low on spoons, don’t try and care for little kids. They have so much energy, and I really struggled to keep up with the flow of conversation emanating from their minds😄 They’re beautiful little kids, well behaved and sweet; the just have way more energy than my wrong-side-of-forty ass can hope to muster.

I have work today, but tomorrow I hope to be back to post my response to the blogger tag I was nominated for. Then I’ll be filling y’all in on all the stuffs and things that have been happening around here. (Hint: there’s been progress on the house, lots of food has been preserved, and more food to preserve is coming).

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, filled with enough: enough laughter to chase away the tears, enough years to appreciate the laughter; enough fellowship with friends to fill your heart with love, and enough solitude to find your center again after the companionship; enough sustenance to drive away the hunger, enough hunger to help you appreciate good food; I hope you had enough.