Mollie’s grand entrance

When Sunshine coated the interior walls, we grabbed Miss Mollie and put her pawprints above her very own door.

I love it.


Bits and bobs

Fancy black switch and outlet plates for the bedroom

Purple tile for the shower walls (bought from a salvage store like ReStore; Rude Ass said he knew that was the one before I even saw them, and sure enough when I did–the heavens opened and light shone down and angels sang “hallelujah”)

Cobalt tiles for bathroom backsplash (part of our haul from the tile warehouse, please excuse the dirt on all the tile, they’ll be cleaned for installation)

Commercial grade non slip tiles for the bathroom floor (more of our haul from the tile warehouse, we’re using mostly the grey, with an occasional tan one thrown in randomly)

Handle for barn door

Leather for pull on bathroom side of barn door (taken from an old Linea Pelle belt I bought from Barney’s and never ever wore not even once)

Some planter dishes I’m turning into trinket dishes (I’ll be attaching giraffe figurines to them after Rude Ass clearcoats them)

The giraffes that will be in the trinket dishes

The niche in my shower

The tiles for the niche (even more of our haul from the tile warehouse)

Primitive medicine cabinet for Sunshine’s razor and shit

This groovy-as-hell light fixture that Rude Ass salvaged from fuck knows which 70s dive bar (Sunshine hates it, so I don’t get to hang it from the ceiling, so Rude Ass is going to make it into a table lamp)

Shelf brackets (left over from a job Sunshine did a couple of years ago)

The scrap wood we’re turning into a shelf for those brackets (going to paint it my goof blue, which is kind of robin egg pale blue)

Hinges for the bathroom vanity (bought black and given a quick patina with some craft paint)

Door pulls for bathroom vanity

Knobs for bathroom vanity drawers

Wall mount faucet for our vessel sink (another score from the salvage place, it even had the matching pop-up drain thingy and I only paid $20 for all of it!)

Ceiling fans that Sunshine will be picking up on his way home tomorrow

Galvanized metal from the back of the chicken shelf (we couldn’t bring ourselves to let it cover the reclaimed wood wall, so it will be cut and upcycled into insets in the doors of the vanity)

Last but not least, this toilet paper holder that made me laugh until I snorted like a pig

Check that off the list

Sunshine finished the fireplace.

It took 3 days.

It is exactly as big and overwhelming as I feared it would be, and I’m ok with it because at least it’s beautiful.

Rude Ass got my chicken shelf on the wall in the bathroom.

We also got the primitive medicine cabinet recessed into the walls, but had to remove it until after the tile goes on the walls.

It’s all so overwhelming that I have retreated into crochet and other creative projects in my spare time, which means I’m stash-busting like a motherfucker. I’m not allowing myself any new yarn until I’ve cleared out a significant portion of my stash, because I do not want to appear on “hoarders: buried alive”, and the repetition of crochet is as soothing to me as praying the rosary might be to a devout Catholic.

Monthly preview: February

What do I want to accomplish during the month of February? Well, whatever it is, it better be a short list, because February is a short month.

I’m not sure I know what I want to accomplish this month, because I’m truly hitting a point of decision fatigue. Our house is progressing to a point where there are actual decisions to be made on finishes and such; the weather is schizophrenic of late so I have to decide how many layers to wear and how to make it look like something other than the staypuft marshmallow man or the kid from that Christmas movie that couldn’t put his arms down; I’m trying to work through my yarn stash because I have a house to fill with pillows and such, and I want to buy yarns to crochet myself some hats and gloves and scarves and shit but I literally have nowhere to store any more yarn in this RV; I’m over being sick, finally, so I’m having to ease back into exercise….

Now that I’ve bitched and moaned, I guess I need to focus and make a list.

    Use up some of my yarn stash that I’ve honestly given up on trying to hide (besides, I have ideas for pillows that I’m actually excited about!)

    Cut up some of Mr b’s brush pile into firewood

    Pick the tile for the shower walls and for the floors throughout the house

    Get Biff to tile the bathroom so we can get the toilet out of the living room

    Finalize plans for the bathroom vanity that Rude Ass is going to build

    Finalize plans for the platform bed with storage that Rude Ass is going to build

    Find a dresser or chest of drawers to refinish for our closet

    Start the great purge, because I am not moving unnecessary shit into the new house

    Figure out a plan to cover the bare cinder block walls inside the closet

    Get everyone’s input on fruit & nut trees and bushes to plant

That simultaneously seems like not very much ambition AND a whole lot of shit to deal with. I’m pretty sure that some gardening tasks should be on that list and I think I’ll cry if I do the research and add them to the list. I struggled alone with the garden last year, and I’m not looking forward to a repeat performance.

So now we know what I hope my February looks like. What actually happens should be interesting, at least.


Yesterday, we went shopping for rocks.

They had some seriously awesome giant rocks that I wanted to take home and make into some kind of….. well, I never got that far since Sunshine wasn’t having it. Party pooper.

More specifically, we went shopping for the stone to finish the fireplace. We went to a fairly large, really well organized stone yard. There were aisles and everything, making this seem like the Walmart of rocks.

We had a specific fireplace design in mind.

They took us to the rocks that were closest to the picture. I didn’t think they were dark enough, but this fireplace is a monument to Sunshine’s ego Sunshine’s baby, so I kept my mouth (mostly) shut.

In the background, you can see the rocks I liked. The mix with a wide range of really dark to really light colors. In the foreground, you can see some seriously giant slabs of rock that Sunshine wanted to use for the mantel; but he really didn’t want to deal with the logistical headache of getting that fucker in the air to mount it, so he moved on to something more reasonably sized (I think you can actually see them in the middle distance, but I’m not sure).

They weighed the rocks, which was kind of cool to ponder. These rocks are sold by the ton, except when they’re sold by the piece; that started cooking my noodle so I just watched the really cool Toyota forklifts driving down the aisles of this Walmart of rocks.

Even though it looked like a small load, we definitely felt the weight of the rocks as we transported them home. We were grateful that the trailer brakes worked well, because that trailer with those little stacks of rocks is way heavier than it looks.

While I definitely wanted darker rocks for the fireplace, I can say that the ones Sunshine picked will go well with the tan and chocolate on the walls inside our house, so I’m most decidedly not mad at them.

I especially like the dark-ish ones he chose to top the hearth.

I think he and Biff will be starting on the fireplace tomorrow. Today, Biff is coating the bathroom in redguard waterproofing to make it a wet room. We’re going to be picking the tile for all that soon, and we’re going to see if Biff can set tile as well as he says he can. His knees are 11 years younger than Sunshine’s, so we’re hoping his ass can cash the checks his mouth has been writing.

I’ll have another photo dump soon, because things are happening fast (at the moment, anyway). Rude Ass has gotten more lights hung, he’s taken down the lights he previously hung and made decorative ceiling medallions to fully cover the holes the electrical lines pass through, he’s working on the trim around the ceiling…

We’re definitely getting into the fun parts of this build, so I’m hopeful we’ll be in the new house before summer sets in properly. I can’t handle much more temperature extreme (of any persuasion) in this RV.

Signs of life

I finally feel like maybe I’ve been through the worst of the flu. I still feel like shit and didn’t work today, but at least now I feel like I might live.

There are signs of life inside our little house, too.

Rude Ass got the trim finished around the blue glass panels.

He also finished the sliding door.

He got the hardware attached

To actually make it a sliding door

The durock is installed in the bathroom.

Now it just needs a coat of redguard waterproofing, then it will be ready for tile.

Sunshine has started finishing the interior walls.

It’s actually starting to look like there is an end in sight, and I can’t wait to get moved in.

Thanks mom!

For Christmas, my mom gave us some money. Sunshine and I decided to use it toward a kitchen sink. We need it so the cabinet guy can build our custom cabinets.

We went on new years eve, in the snow, and hoped the big box home improvement store had something I liked.

We brought Miss Mollie with us so she could help us pick a good sink.

She wore her “still living with my parents” hoodie to let everybody know she was the boss of us (as you can tell by the way she sat in the buggy and waited for us to push her through the store).

We were about to leave, because I didn’t see what I wanted (36″ stainless steel single basin apron sink with only one faucet hole) on display. An employee stopped to chat with us, and while we were discussing sinks with her, I saw it on a sign.

At 33″, it was close enough for me.

The box almost completely filled the bed of my weird little truck.

That’s how small my truck is.

It is sitting in the house, waiting for the cabinet guy to come take measurements this coming weekend.

A huge thank you to my mom for covering half the cost of my sink. Thank you to my auntie for the gift card that covered the sales taxes on it. And thank you Sunshine, for not freaking out about cost and instead just telling me to find what I liked.