One step forward

Rude Ass has gotten as far as he can with our electrical stuff. Now he’s waiting on us to go buy the actual light fixtures and such. That won’t happen until after the ceiling is done and then Rude Ass can seal the ceiling and reclaimed wood walls. 

Well, the ceiling is mostly done. He just has to do the bathroom now. Which can’t be done until somebody has run the plumbing for the rain shower head I want in the ceiling of the shower. 

I’m tired of one thing being held up because another thing isn’t done. I’m ready to be in our little house.


Marshmallow poop

My little house is being invaded by marshmallow poop.

Sunshine picked up the shiplap for our ceiling before he headed out of town for a quick-paying repair job. Yesterday, Rude Ass and I got started on installing it. 

We have this giant stack of pine shiplap: 

Side note: Mollie looks so TINY in this picture. She’s such a huge part of my life that I forget how little she actually is.

We had to set up a small section of scaffolding and put wheels on it so it doesn’t squeak like fingernails on chalkboard when we move it.

The beginning:

He’s having to trim the spray foam insulation, which means that there’s marshmallow poop flying around, which oddly delights me to no end.

Hopefully, Rude Ass doesn’t run me off the job site for laughing my ass off at the marshmallow poop. 

Thinking ahead

Last night, I found some really super cool pendant light fixtures on a flash sale site. I showed them to Sunshine, and he agreed that they were, indeed, very cool. He even thought the price was reasonable, and told me if I wanted them to order them.

I didn’t order them. I’m thinking ahead to cabinets and appliances. Those appliances are the battles I’m choosing to fight. Those appliance are the hills I will die on if I must. The functionality of my kitchen is important to me, and I am willing to compromise somewhat on the aesthetics now to better appliamcererefford the functionality when it comes time to buy cabinets and appliances. 

This morning, I woke up thinking ahead to the move from magic bus to little house.

Side note: I also woke up with a radically different mood this morning that makes me think that straight depression might not be what’s wrong with me; it might be bipolar. That’s a post for a future time, though. 

Black to thinking ahead…

I realized that I’m going to have to pack up all our shit in the multitude of locations we have it stored in (magic bus, storage sheds, cargo container, my truck) and move it into the little house. It will be a great opportunity to purge. 

Honestly, it’s a frightening task. Sunshine is going to be far less willing to part with some things than I will be. It’s also frightening because it makes me realize that I should probably make some hard decisions about my clothes and things. Because why should I spend the energy to move shit I ain’t gonna use? We made that mistake when we moved into the magic bus. 

I’ll probably take you guys on the journey with me. If you can help me laugh at myself, or if I can just get your honesty about some of this stuff; well, than that will be a very good thing indeed. I’ve come to count on seeing your faces surrounding me as I walk this path, and you’ve become very fine companions. I’m grateful for that. It makes me want to shout to the world that “IT’S NEVER JUST THE INTERNET!”, you know?

Yet another DIY project

Yesterday, I was helping the boss get an area of the yard cleaned up so he could bring in some more firewood. I’m lucky I didn’t break an ankle of something, because he area is a disaster of logs, canvas signs, broken pallets, giant bins of trash, and fuck knows what else.

But that’s not the point of this post. This is:

I saw this pallet laying there and asked what he was going to do with it. He told that I could have it if I wanted it.

I didn’t see a broken pallet. I saw a towel rack for the bathroom or a blanket rack for the living room.

Now I just have to finish my coffee table and the candle holders. This pallet needs some repairs, and it definitely needs to be sanded smooth and sealed with some clear coat. 

When am I going to allow myself time to make Christmas gifts? I really think I’m insane or something.

Future plans

Mom gave me some little outdoor bistro chairs that have me making plans for an outdoor space off the bedroom of our little house.

She said she’d probably give me the matching table sometime in the not-so-distant future. I’m loving the patina on these  chairs, and they have me dreaming of a little patio with desert landscaping where Sunshine and I can sit and have coffee in the mornings.

The last of the wood walls

I got the bathroom walls done.

It’s time to pack away the reclaimed wood until we can get the kitchen cabinets in and wrap the back and sides of the peninsula in reclaimed wood.

Final note: also, must pack away all the things so the spray foam guys can come in and spray insulation into the ceiling. They tape off everything so no over spray gets on your walls and floors and such; but they charge extra to move shit.

Postscript: once again, there’s Rude Ass, sticking his lower half in my damned pictures­čśů