Getting older

After my doctor’s appointment yesterday, I went to the evil empire (a.k.a. wally world) to get my prescriptions filled. Because the evil kept fucking them up, I was in the big box store for over an hour. Which meant a lot of random shit found its way to my buggy, like all those pills we talked about last night.

The general consensus seems to be that I’m getting older and I now need to go get myself one of those old lady pill organizers.

There’s this part of me that is resistant to the idea, kind of like I was resistant to minivans in my 20s. I mean, seriously, minivans made a statement that I really just wasn’t ready to make at that point in my life. Pill organizers say something that I’m not emotionally ready to say about my life at this point.

In the abstract, I have no problem with getting older. I’m not one to buy into they hype and start buying anti-aging creams and dying my hair to cover my grey. Fuck that, I earned every grey hair on my head, right? Everybody ages, and that which we resist persists.

So hypothetically, I’m ok with getting older. Everybody does it, I’m not trying to fight it because that requires more energy than I’m willing to invest.

It’s not just the pill organizer that’s bothering me, though. As I wandered through the evil empire, I realized that I wasn’t seeing things as clearly as I used to. I knew my vision was less than perfect; hell, I’ve already got glasses for distance vision that I use for driving, and reading glasses for my hobby activities. Yesterday’s vision problems were more than just distance vision or reading vision. It was the middle distance that was fuzzier than I’m accustomed to.

So now, along with my old lady pill organizer, I’ve got to go get me some bifocals or trifocals or some shit.

Ultimately, I’m mostly just grateful to still be here. So many addicts never make it to the rooms of 12 step fellowships. Of those who do make it, so few stay; even fewer stay clean. I’m still here; and mostly, everything still works. I never thought I’d be alive this long.

I’m getting older. I guess it’s better than the alternative, so I’ll just roll with it best I can.


Electrical plans

The electrical engineer we hired has been great to work with. He came into our project as a friend who already knew that I had been nicknamed “change-order”, so he has double and triple checked that he’s understanding my needs and desires. In exchange,  I’ve been trying to be accommodating when one of my desires is adding a new & difficult twist. 

Prime example: I kind of wanted to put an outlet (that my floor lamps will be plugged into) on a switch on the wall so I could easily turn it off with a switch. When I asked about it, I could see that it was absolutely possible but it complicated things, so I let it go.

Side note: remember, I’m choosing my battles. That wasn’t one of the ones I’m choosing.

When we started painting on the walls to mark cable runs and outlets and switches, I started realizing how complex my kitchen’s electrical was going to be. As the electrical engineer started marking for Sunshine to drill the holes for wiring in the ceiling, I really started understanding how complex; however, the kitchen IS the battle I’m choosing; so I’m not backing down. 

There will be many, many lights and many many outlets. 

The switches for all the living room lights & the ceiling fan will also be on the wall in the kitchen.

It’s definitely a mess of wiring.

Side note: all of those x marks you see all over the foam blocks? Mark the locations of the concrete and steel post & beam systems buried inside the foam insulation blocks.

The living room is a little bit better, but not much. The entertainment center will need multiple outlets at multiple levels.

Yes, that is an electrical outlet in a position over 6′ up the wall. Because the teevee has to have power; and I was a stagehand who liked a clean stage with minimal visible cables and wires, so there has to be an outlet in a position to hide the cord. That’s also why the coaxial cable for our Internet service will be on an outlet instead of having excess cable piled in the floor to trap dustbunnies and hair tumbleweeds.

The walls under the bookcases will need outlets.

Yes, that’s marked LED at an outlet location. One of the outlets will have LED night lights in it, which will be near Mollie’s special place under the bookcases. My furbaby might want to go dig out a toy in the middle of the night without waking us up to turn on a light for her.

Then there’s the quad box next to the ridiculous couch’s future location. It will have one of the USB-port-equipped outlets in it.

Then there’s the lighting in the living room.

Two track fixtures will light up the bookcases and entertainment center. There will be a ceiling fan centered above the living & kitchen areas. There will also be a special spotlight aimed at the mantel area of the fireplace. That one is for lighting up Sunshine’s taxidermied finest hunting achievement that I promised the documentary film crew I would never ever post to social media or any other corner of the Internet. Sorry folks, you’ll never see that one #onhere.

The other USB outlet will go in the bedroom, on Sunshine’s side of the bed. This outlet will also power the window unit air conditioner that we will be using until we can get our geothermal system done.

We haven’t even begun to start pulling wires and such in the bathroom, which is not going to be simple. Recessed lighting over the shower, lighting for the vanity, lighting for the other side of the bathroom (which will house my clothes washer), and a fart-fan. Oh, there’s also electrical outlets, because hair dryer and iron.

For a small house, it’s got a lot going on with the electrical system. Sunshine’s probably not really happy about the expense of it all, but I think he understands that we don’t want to have to do it all again anytime in the future. We’re both of the mindset that it’s best to “measure twice, cut once”. Let’s do it now, while we’re young enough to work to pay for it; it’s only going to be more expensive to upgrade it later.

Even though there’s a lot going on with the electrical system,  most of it will be very eco-friendly and very savings-conscious. All of my lights will be LED, every single one. I will be sure to pick energy star certified appliances.  Our heating & cooling will be geothermal. I’m hoping for a front-load washer. 

We’re trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible; hence the hopes of finding as much as possible at ReStore type places, used appliance shops, thrift shops, and etcetera. It’s important to us that we don’t create waste. Where we have to buy new, I’m trying to be very deliberate in my decisions so that I’m not buying shit just to buy shit. I spent too many years in a mindless existence (active addiction) to be as careless or mindless as I was back then. I’m trying to think ahead now in order to further simplify our lives in the future.