This past week, Sunshine had to take a day off to go to the tribal clinic for his 6-month checkup. As usual, he’s doing a good job of managing his diabetes and high blood pressure. But that’s not why I’m mentioning his day off.

I’m mentioning it because Biff helped me plant part of the garden while Sunshine was away. Finally, some help! We did it early in the morning, which meant I was struggling with the dizziness the entire time; Biff got so bothered by it he finally just gave me some simple tasks to do while he did the bending and standing and squatting and standing and all the shit that was making me dizzy.

We planted: green peas, pinto beans, swiss chard, more potatoes. We also planted small amounts of: broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, honeydew & Galia melons, eggplants, and I forget what else. I’ll be planting more of those things in waves every few weeks so I’m not overwhelmed by entire crops of food that has to be preserved or thrown on the compost heap; we’re hoping that having it ripen it waves means that we’ll eat more fresh veggies and have them coming in for a longer period. Our growing season is fairly long, so we can get away with this sort of thing.

Biff also helped me turn the newest compost heap. Somehow, its bigger than I expected. I’m not bringing home as much stuff from the shop these days because our two main egg suppliers have been taking stuff home to feed to their chickens. I love that they’re doing that; we were composting on an industrial scale out here and we just don’t need that much fucking compost at this point.

Today, Sunshine is going to help me plant some more stuff. I’m also going to get him to help me hoe the southern end of the garden rows, because they’re being invaded by grass like whoa. I figure it’s the least he can do since Biff helped with so much other stuff, right? I think I’ll throw in a couple of rows of beans and peas, too; we love beans and peas out here and there is no such thing as too much of those.

It’s stupid how excited I am over getting a garden going. I’m off to get things sorted before Sunshine gets ready to get after it.

Final note: I think I’ve got the dizziness thing under control. I spoke with the pharmacist (I never ask the doctor about medications anymore, I go to the experts). The pharmacist and I agreed that it was likely my b.p. meds causing my morning hell and it was suggested that I push back the meds until lunchtime. I started that on Friday, and have had exactly zero dizziness since. I’ll take it😁


Container Gardening

I decided to grow some things in containers this year. It was extremely discouraging to have little to no help last year, and it was beyond disheartening to have my garden plowed under (while producing food) not once but three times.

We have managed to get some onions, potatoes, beans, squash, pickling cucumbers, and corn in the ground. Yesterday, Sunshine helped me get some things planted in containers.

Jalapeños, serranos, Tabasco peppers, multi colored bell peppers, lavender, sage, dill, cilantro, some kind of radishes that say they’re perfect for containers, Roma tomatoes, chives, and some chocolate mint.

I’m even more excited for the container gardening than I am for the big one.

Wish us luck

Sunshine and I are going to plant vegetables today.

It will just be the two of us. Mr B is out of town for funerals. Mrs B is unaccounted for.

Biff’s brother just passed away, so he is with his family in Louisiana.

Rude Ass is probably asleep be ause he probably was out fishing all night last night.

That leaves The Dynamic Duo of Sunshine & myself planting the garden by ourselves. Which means that if you ain’t here to plant it, the shit that you and you alone wanted to plant? Ain’t getting planted.

Sunshine and i are both pretty much exhausted (getting old sucks), and Sunshine has to leave town this afternoon. Pray for us. Or send good juju. Or whatever you believe in.

Damned dogs

So Mr B has the pitbull,  his daughter has a ginormous doberman puppy, and the neighbor has a big German Shepard mutt mix, and the three of them love to play and play and play.

Which is great, except for the fact that they think my garden is a great place to play.

We’re going to have to build a fence around the garden before we plant in spring.