Our neighbor is an antiques fanatic. She used to own an antique store, and she goes junking/saling a lot. She took Mollie and me on a grand 20 mile yard sale adventure recently, and I had great fun (I’ll write about my haul some other time).

Recently, she asked us to come over and look at a cedar armoire and nightstand set that she needed to find a new home for. Her price was beyond reasonable, and we were planning to go look at it and finalize a deal. Before we could get over there and buy the pieces from her, she decided she would just trade us the furniture for some animal sitting duties. Now, we would have taken care of her ducks and chickens and cats while she traveled for no pay at all; because that’s what friends and neighbors do. She wouldn’t hear of it, and now we are the proud owners of a cedar armoire and a cedar nightstand.

Sunshine claimed the nightstand and I claimed the armoire and immediately moved my winter clothes into it.

Thank you, kind neighbor lady who apparently just needed an excuse to give away something we would have paid good money for!


Just call me Jadis

There’s a character in “The Walking Dead” called Jadis.

She is the leader of a group of people that live in a huge junkyard. They’re a group of scavengers, and they’ve built quite a maze through the junkyard they call home.

Yesterday, at work, one of our egg suppliers and I saw four scarecrows on the top of the trash heap that filled the boss’s trailer. We asked the boss if he was really going to throw them away. His reply was “if you want them, take them. They need a few repairs”

The egg supplier stuffed one in her SUV. I managed to stuff the other three in my truck. Two of them had to be tied to the bed because I could only fit one in my back seat.

As I dug them out if the trash pile, I couldn’t help but be entertained. I got to thinking about how much stuff I’ve scavenged from my workplace.

  • Perfectly edible food that can’t be sold because it looks funny
  • Perfectly edible grass-fed beef that can’t be sold because the freezer malfunctioned and the meet defrosted (it was still plenty cold, so it was safe to cook and eat)
  • Almost a whole case of honey with chunks of honeycomb in it that had crystallized a bit
  • Reclaimed wood from pallets and signs
  • Whole pallets to use for whatever Mr B thought he might want to use them for
  • Bales of straw to use for our chickens nests
  • Seeds from rotting pumpkins and gourds, potatoes to cut and plant
  • A bag of potting soil given to me by a customer who needed to make space in his truck to hold firewood
  • Firewood and kindling
  • Wood chips and tree bark for the compost heap
  • Tote bags from the ranch that supplies our beef
  • Mesh bags (like the ones 50 pounds of onions come in) to give to the neighbor to give to her friend that raises and sells ducks and chickens and such
  • A shoe try-on bench to make a coffee table
  • Three scarecrows

Just call me Jadis.

Monthly preview update

I’ve managed to both feel disgustingly productive AND get some rest this week. I’ve tackled multiple projects from the comfort of my corner of the couch.

  • I’ve made two hats out of the secret Santa yarn, although I still haven’t made one for myself.
  • The Christmas decorations are packed away and I’ve bought next year’s wrapping paper. After Christmas clearance is the best time to buy Christmas cards, wrapping paper, ornaments, and etcetera so I did just that. 😁
  • I have done my 1st workout with my tai-chi DVD. It was brief, because I realized I was going to have to write programs in my brain and create muscle memory in order to not get frustrated that I was struggling to actually do the forms
  • Season 2 of “Travelers” has been binge watched, as has the rest of the available seasons of “Fear the Walking Dead”

I’ve also managed to deal with a backlog of things on my “want to do” list.

  • I canned some more hot sauce using the recipe The Ecofeminist pointed me to
  • I got caught up on laundry. For now, at least, since I’m sure Sunshine will be coming home thus weekend with a literal metric fucktonne of dirty work clothes that have to be washed and dried right fucking now because they’ll be going back out of town with him Sunday evening.
  • I cleaned out my truck somewhat, but have yet to work up the nerve to go dig that rotty cantaloupe out of the bed. I’m very afraid of it.
  • I’ve culled a few garments I know I won’t wear, and moved a few more to my holding zone to see if I miss them or can donate them.
  • I also bought new (to me) pants.
  • I gathered hickory nuts from the backyard. It’s free food, and nuts are good for the health goals my doctor has encouraged me to strive for.
  • I started clearing out my future kitchen. The guy who’s building our custom cabinets is scheduled to come this weekend, so I have to make room to move appliances into place. I also had to clear the floor so we could map out the footprint and take measurements and all that shit.
  • We made a list of things for Rude Ass to do and got him moving forward on those projects. We even made a plan to get it warm in the house, since Rude Ass said it can’t be cold in there for the application of the top coat for my reclaimed wood walls.
  • I obtained a pair of giant square pillows to stuff inside the pillow covers I’ve asked Tia to make for me. I got a killer deal on them at this little local place Mr B turned me on to

All in all, it’s been a more productive month than I expected, and we’re not even halfway through yet.

I’ve surprised myself at my ability to continue making decisions about…. Well, everything. Without running into decision fatigue. Hopefully, that continues throughout this weekend and my consult with the cabinet guy. Thank heaven, the cabinet guy is also a dear friend. He won’t get frustrated with me if I do stall out mid-decision, and he is someone I trust enough to listen to when I get indecisive.

Now, I’m off to get dressed and get some shit accomplished before I have to work tomorrow. Hope you wonderful people have a beautiful day!

House from found objects

We are expanding the footprint of our shop at work. The boss has been doing some major cleanup.  Like, REALLY cleaning up, instead of just pushing all the junk to the back of the property and forgetting about it.

I had been wanting to ask him about one certain piece for a while. This past Sunday, I found it on the loaded trailer heading to the landfill. So I stole it.

Yes, that is exactly what it appears to be. A store fixture bench for trying on shoes. Laying on its side. Because lazy.

I’m going to have Rude Ass do a little cutting and welding and turn it into a storage ottoman/coffee table with a giant cushion on top. The next door neighbor has a friend that does upholstery, so I can get any kind of cushion I want. I’m thinking something utterly ridiculous, like purple velvet or purple faux fur. I also think a nice coat of matte black paint would do wonders for it.

It definitely keeps with the theme of “house from found objects”, doesn’t it? 

Leave it to Mr B…

When Mr B came over for his morning cup of hazelnut coffee, he remembered he had something in his truck for me. I went out to retrieve it, knowing only that he said “it will be obvious what’s for you”.

I found these

and they fit.

He said he was sitting at a red light and saw these booties on the ground. He opened the door, leaned out, grabbed the booties, threw them over his head into the back seat of his truck, closed the door, and barely missed having his arm and door smashed off by a vehicle blowing past him in the next lane over.

I’m just glad he & his truck came out of the incident unscathed. Now, I’m off to find some foot fungus spray to make sure these booties are cooties free!

Fab Find

Our neighbor is an antiques junkie. When I helped her with that estate sale for that property she inherited, I spied an old medicine cabinet that I thought was awesome. It didn’t sell, so she took it home. When we started building our house, I asked her how much it would take to buy it from her. She told me to come get it when we were ready and we could have it.

We’re going to install it into the bathroom over the vanity. Sunshine thinks it’s awesome, so great minds DO think alike.

Weekly progress report: baby steps

Rude Ass got started on installing the plumbing fixtures in our shower. It took some creative problem solving since we were using bits and pieces from two different boxes. The rain shower head is chose came in a box with the tub filler and the temperature control valve. Since we have no tub, we aren’t installing the tub filler. That created a problem, because the diverted that tells the water which place to come out of? Is on the tub filler. Rude Ass came up with a solution that we actually kind of like, because it’s a little bit weird, just like us.

Yep, he put a red outdoor faucet knob in our shower to control waterflowtothe rain shower. He also got a button that will control water flow to the handheld shower head. He got the washing machine connection done, and a valve for water to the toilet (in case we don’t go with an incinerating toilet).

Sunshine and Biff have been busy, too. The scratch coat has been applied to all the walls (except in the bathroom, where we’re still dealing with plumbing.

My kitchen back splash has been installed, and I think it looks amazing. 

It looks even better when there’s a fire going in the fireplace,  but I didn’t have my tablet down there to get pics of it. It’s an Italian, iridescent, murano glass mosaic that we snagged up when we got the opportunity to clean out a defunct tile warehouse some time ago. We also got some cobalt glazed tiles that will become the bathroom back splash, some textured (no slip) industrial kitchen tile that we’ll be using on the bathroom floor, and a small box of beautiful blue glass tiles that are iridescent  that we will be using in the shower niches. They’re only 2×2 or so, and there aren’t many, so sadly I couldn’t do a backsplash or anything with them.

Final note: While I’m sitting here at work posting this, Sunshine is at home working on applying the top coat finish to as many of the walls as he can get to before dark. I’m going to be scheduling up a few days worth of posts because our Internet is booked at home. If I’m slow to respond to comments, I apologize and ask for your forgiveness. I’ll surely have to do some catch-up reading with all the blogs I follow, once we have Internet at home again. I promise, I haven’t abandoned anybody. I’m just dealing with the shitty Internet issues that seem to come with the territory when one lives in butt fuck nowhere.