dirt mover

Mr B keeps coming up with ways to use that big orange dirt mover he acquired. It’s kind of become his latest obsession.

Most recently, he used it to dig up the end of the driveway and replace the drainage culvert that connects the ditch from one side to the other. After he did that, he started digging at the ditch and removing the front fence.

front fence is gone

He then proceeded to round up all of the grass and weeds he cut down in the ditch, and he put them in the compost heap.

I added the cabbage leaves that I tore off the outside of the cabbages I harvested late last week. The compost heap just continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Pretty soon, we’re gong to have to start a second one in a new location so that this one can finish the process of becoming the stuff we put in the dirt when we plant things, but I refuse to start a new compost pile until they build me some way to contain it so that the chickens and raccoons and shit don’t scatter it to the four corners of the earth.

final note: that compost heap smells weird.

Musical chairs

We moved the compost heap from its original location a few months ago. We wanted to put it in a more shaded spot. We had it on the eastern side of the front pond. Then Mr B took out the pond and left the compost heap exposed to the brutal Texas sun.

side note: the compost heap was also in an unconvenient location for us to keep it moist. We had to carry buckets of water and fuck that

compost new location again

This past Thursday, Mr B hopped on his tractor and moved it to the front of the property for me. There is a semi-shaded spot under a tree, and it is right next to the new water faucet we put in during the great septic system debacle.

Now all we have to do is get some sort of shade structure in place on the southern and eastern sides of it.