So yesterday, Rude Ass was ready to get back into the swing of things at our little house. We started the reclaimed wood walls. First, he had to cut the OSB and attach it to the framing.

Actually,  first, he had to move all of the outlets and switches so that they would be flush with the finished walls. Then he put the OSB in place.

Then we got to start putting the reclaimed wood on the walls.

I picked boards and told Rude Ass which ones went where, and he graciously cut and nailed boards until lunch. 

After lunch, we finished the bedroom walls.

Once those were finished, I was ready to move on to the living room wall, but Rude Ass was ready to call it a day. I can’t blame him, he did all the hard stuff all day.

He got the first row up and then he let me have at it. I started nailing boards to the OSB until Sunshine said I was running out of daylight. 

I’m hoping Rude Ass is going to help me finish the living room wall tomorrow,  because I’m so excited to actually see stuff start to come together!


Holding pattern

Now that the roof is on the house, we seem to be stuck in a holding pattern. 

Our carpenter closed on his house in town without finding another place to buy, so he bought an RV and moved out here to our fledgling community for a while. He’s been busy with getting set up and settled in, so not much has happened on our house since the roof went on. Now that he’s out here full time, he has to have a nickname; he says his friends have called him “Rude Dog” for years because he has no filter and just says whatever goes through his mind. I’m adapting his nickname to “Rude Ass” since his butt has now appeared twice in pictures on my blog.

Our electrical engineer has moved away, leaving a whole lot of unfinished work. Thank heaven Rude Ass can do electrical, and thank heaven he’s willing to decipher the unlabeled mess the electrical engineer left behind.

In the meantime, I’ve been piddling a bit here and there, doing some low key cleanup and wee little projects. 

The side rails from the baby bed (that I bought at the trade days flea market event this month) have been painted goof blue (the light blue goof paint we used on the reclaimed pallet wood) and placed in storage with some of my other finds. I’ll be using these to hang my clothes from, instead of a boring closet rod.

I bought a sheet music stand to hold cookbooks in the kitchen. 

I found a couple of shoe racks for our closet. This old, beat-up one will be for my sneakers. I got a killer deal on a new-in-box one for Sunshine’s shoes.

I’ve slowly been putting together a pile of stuff to build my side of the closet; one that looks like I’ve been digging around people’s curbside piles on free day before trash pickup. I’m delighted with it thus far. Sunshine’s side will be nice and new and neat, because he has no patience for dealing with minutiae like digging through organizers for clothes.

I also found some LED rope lights at a good price to use inside our cabinets in the kitchen. I’ve had to start a pile on the ridiculous couch in Mr B’s shipping container so that the guys don’t trip over it while they are working on the house.

My next projects will be to refinish the corner table I have hiding in the barn, because I want to use it in my closet as a place to sit while putting on my shoes and such. I’ll be refinishing a stool for Sunshine’s side of the closet; it belonged to his late mom, and it’s a cool little stool, so it’s definitely a keeper.

I’m ready for Rude Ass to get settled in so he can get back to work on my house. I’m ready for Sunshine to bring his ass home from working in Louisiana so he can start building the fireplace so we can get the house dried in and start on some of the fun stuff. I’m ready to get out of this RV and into a house with a real kitchen. Patience is at virtue, but it ain’t one of mine.

He made ME do it

Sunshine went to the outdoor superstore and bought me a nice case for my compound bow.

It required some assembly inside.

He made me do it. Until he got tired of listening to the bleepfest that was pouring forth from my word hole. When he took over, it became an even more entertaining bleepfest. The little tool that was included was garbage flimsy plastic crap. I got him a nut driver and he finished the job for me.

Now I can access my boots without having to move my bow. Which is good, because boot season is coming!

The roof!

The roof went on the house yesterday!

That’s our carpenter’s butt. Because you know you care.

They still have to put the on the edges, but the roof is on.

Sunshine now sees why I requested so many lights in the kitchen. 

The bedroom feels cozier now, and I really like those blue textured glass panels even better than before.

Miss Mollie did not like the sound of them banging around on our roof.

She really didn’t like it at all.

Sunshine says he will start on the fireplace when he gets back from Louisiana later this week.

Mollie thinks the windows are pretty neat.

OK, so really, she doesn’t like being up so high she can’t jump down on her own. But isn’t she cute?

It still seems like it’s never going to be finished, but I’ve already started piling stuff on our couch in storage for the day when I can move it all into our new home. It never hurts to plan ahead, right?

Final note: the carpenter won’t give me a straight answer about when we’re going to be doing the reclaimed wood walls. He is the guy who nicknamed me “change order”…

It’s been a day

I woke up to puppy yarf on the comforter and in the bedroom floor. The comforter doesn’t fit in the washer, so I had to clean it by hand outside. 

I thought my day couldn’t get any worse.

Then I saw the storm cellar was open and I knew I was facing the seventh circle of hell. Several months ago,  I mentioned to Sunshine that he needed to have someone go down there and get the crates of rotting onions out of there. Do you think he did it?

Fuck no, he didn’t do it.

So I had to start dealing with it. I was in such a rush to get that crate of rot out that I banged my head on the roof of the fucking storm cellar. I sill have a headache, and it’s keeping me angry about this colossal failure to follow directions and I’m planning my revenge on Sunshine as I type. It’s probably going to involve something expensive.

I digress…

The off gassing from the rotting onions had caused the potatoes to rot.

Nothing smells worse than rotting potatoes. Nothing.

I used a face mask and some mentholated rub and still almost yarfed from the stench. It got worse, though. 

I almost came undone when I realized what the sound was that I was hearing. I could hear the fucking maggots writhing in their piles after I removed the crates from the storm cellar. It was a horrifically squishy, wet sound and I cannot unhear it. That sound will give me nightmares, and I’ll probably have PTSD from it to add to my tornado PTSD and my wildfire PTSD.

When Mr B and Sunshine pulled up in the yard as I was working, I promptly went and apologized to Mr B or whoever was the unlucky soul that discovered that hell and left the storm cellar open.

Mr B, being the gracious individual he is, actually went down in the storm cellar with a water hose and shop vac and cleaned out what I hadn’t gotten to yet. Biff (AKA Goldilocks) helped lift crates out too.

Once that ordeal in the seventh circle of hell was over, I thought my day had gotten as bad as it could get. I showered and went to town to get my truck registered.

My first mistake was thinking.

When I returned home and walked into my magic bus, I spotted a bloody mess in my living room floor. Apparently, Mollie found someone’s fresh kill and brought its guts inside and dropped them in the floor. She then proceed to track the blood all over the living room. 

I spared you the actual picture of the guts, because it was actually a grayish brown glob of gross. I didn’t even get a picture of the bloody little Mollie prints because I was to busy rage cleaning.

I’m probably going to go order myself some shoes or something to make me feel better after such a horrible day.