Dear diary,

Some days I feel like we’re just reading each other’s diaries here in blogland. Which is kind of awesome, to be honest. It means that we’re sharing ourselves with each other and forging connections. Connection is important.

If I were to keep a diary, there would be many posts that read like a diary of a journey through a wasteland searching for water.

“Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Dear diary,

Trudging along, no water found, but the camel finally took a shit and can now carry a larger load. Which is good, since many of us are too dehydrated to walk.”

“Thursday, April 6, 2023

Dear diary,

Trudged some more today. Found no water, but did encounter a dead cactus. It’s spines punctured George’s boot and we fear it has poisoned him as he is feverish and speaking in tongues.”

“Monday, April 10, 2023

Dear diary,

George died last night. Breakfast was steak and some sort of red juice, although I can’t imagine where either came from. This sustenance should allow us to trudge further in our search for water.”

Lately, I’ve felt like I’m just trudging along through life, biding my time until the universe decides I have trudged enough.

My hip hurts. My neck hurts. My shoulders hurt. I have high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. I need both reading glasses and distance-vision glasses. My lower back hurts.

It pisses me off that my body is now failing me when I need it the most. We are trying to build a house, we have a spring vegetable garden to plant… hell, just making up the bed in an RV takes Herculean effort.

Dear diary,

I’m tired. It seems to be the usual state for me here lately, perhaps the universe is in stasis and nothing is changing. I trudge down the hill to the new house, make many decisions, and never see any finished projects or progress. Perhaps tomorrow, I will see the results of some of my decisions. Until then, I shall do my best to nap as I trudge through life.

I’m off to take a nap. Because I’m a “it’s not even noon and I already need a nap” years old.



Sometimes, I feel like Lurch out here. As in, we seem to constantly lurch from crisis to crisis. Sometimes, a crisis leaves a permanent reminder, like the hip issues I was left with after the great septic system debacle.

This week’s crisis de jour is The Fucking Internet Fiasco. Mr B decided, less than a month ago, that he was going to cancel both internet accounts and install one new one for everybody to use.

Side note: nevermind the fact that we had two separate accounts because one account left everybody fighting each other for bandwidth (which isn’t exactly a community building experience), and we’re also going to ignore the fact that he did thus without consulting anybody but the voices inside his own head. That’s all ranting best reserved for some other day.

So there we were, about a week and a half into this demolition derby experience of fighting each other for bandwidth, when Mr B decides to order up another internet provider. Without consulting anybody but the voices in his own head.

Here I am, one day later, with no fucking internet service except the one tiny little bar of 4G mobile service that my smartphone is clinging to for dear life, praying to the internet gods that it’s enough to get this post out. I have almost reached a point of complete and total insanity that involves ending my Netflix and Hulu subscriptions and not paying any internet at all, leaving Mr B to pay for this shit all by himself.

I’m starting to give up hope of ever having steady reliable internet service, and can only hope that getting my own account in my own name prevents this from ever happening again.

When I found out about this latest move by our great leader the dictator Mr B, the top of my head exploded. I still haven’t found it. I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere between here and Jupiter, so if you see a strange glowing object in the sky–don’t panic, it’s not an alien invasion, it’s just my still-smoldering head making its way home to the rest of my body.

I can’t wait to see what man-made crisis we lurch to next.

Finished objects

I’ve been stash busting.

I made a 3D flower pillow in a rich purple.

I made a big floor cushion out of some pop-art colors.

And I made myself a cleaning set out of some appalling green and pink yarn. For my swifter stick, a washable, reversible sock (one side flat, one side loopy to snag all the dust bunnies up)

And a finger puppet to go on the swifter pole to dust the high spots

A couple of sponges

A couple of dish cloths

A hot pad

And a Muppet dusting mitt

I’ve still got a fucktonne of yarn to do something with, but at least now I can (mostly) see what I have.

Bits and bobs

Fancy black switch and outlet plates for the bedroom

Purple tile for the shower walls (bought from a salvage store like ReStore; Rude Ass said he knew that was the one before I even saw them, and sure enough when I did–the heavens opened and light shone down and angels sang “hallelujah”)

Cobalt tiles for bathroom backsplash (part of our haul from the tile warehouse, please excuse the dirt on all the tile, they’ll be cleaned for installation)

Commercial grade non slip tiles for the bathroom floor (more of our haul from the tile warehouse, we’re using mostly the grey, with an occasional tan one thrown in randomly)

Handle for barn door

Leather for pull on bathroom side of barn door (taken from an old Linea Pelle belt I bought from Barney’s and never ever wore not even once)

Some planter dishes I’m turning into trinket dishes (I’ll be attaching giraffe figurines to them after Rude Ass clearcoats them)

The giraffes that will be in the trinket dishes

The niche in my shower

The tiles for the niche (even more of our haul from the tile warehouse)

Primitive medicine cabinet for Sunshine’s razor and shit

This groovy-as-hell light fixture that Rude Ass salvaged from fuck knows which 70s dive bar (Sunshine hates it, so I don’t get to hang it from the ceiling, so Rude Ass is going to make it into a table lamp)

Shelf brackets (left over from a job Sunshine did a couple of years ago)

The scrap wood we’re turning into a shelf for those brackets (going to paint it my goof blue, which is kind of robin egg pale blue)

Hinges for the bathroom vanity (bought black and given a quick patina with some craft paint)

Door pulls for bathroom vanity

Knobs for bathroom vanity drawers

Wall mount faucet for our vessel sink (another score from the salvage place, it even had the matching pop-up drain thingy and I only paid $20 for all of it!)

Ceiling fans that Sunshine will be picking up on his way home tomorrow

Galvanized metal from the back of the chicken shelf (we couldn’t bring ourselves to let it cover the reclaimed wood wall, so it will be cut and upcycled into insets in the doors of the vanity)

Last but not least, this toilet paper holder that made me laugh until I snorted like a pig

Check that off the list

Sunshine finished the fireplace.

It took 3 days.

It is exactly as big and overwhelming as I feared it would be, and I’m ok with it because at least it’s beautiful.

Rude Ass got my chicken shelf on the wall in the bathroom.

We also got the primitive medicine cabinet recessed into the walls, but had to remove it until after the tile goes on the walls.

It’s all so overwhelming that I have retreated into crochet and other creative projects in my spare time, which means I’m stash-busting like a motherfucker. I’m not allowing myself any new yarn until I’ve cleared out a significant portion of my stash, because I do not want to appear on “hoarders: buried alive”, and the repetition of crochet is as soothing to me as praying the rosary might be to a devout Catholic.

Desperate times…

…call for desperate measures.

It started raining earlier today, and by mid-afternoon, the steps to the RVs out here were already coated in ice. It got ugly quick.

It is now only 7:30PM and this

is some bullshit.

I went to the laundry-pantry-room to get a can of kosher salt to ice down my front steps and we didn’t have any more.

Side note: it probably all got dumped in RV holding tanks during the last hard freeze when everybody’s drain lines froze along with their supply lines. We had to quickly thaw those blockages out when water came back because the constant drip in every faucet (to prevent a rezfreeze) filled tanks fast and they had to be dumped.

What I DID have, however, was a rather healthy supply of bags of this

Which is the desperate measure I just employed to ice my front steps.

Y’all stay warm and dry, wherever you are. I’m in for the night, warm and dry with hot cocoa just begging me to drink it; and a backup plan to retreat to the house (where there’s a fireplace) if we lose power.