He’s so sweet

I have a small collection of giraffe figurines. Figurine might be the wrong word for them; they’re more like little statues made of wood (and one brass one).

Sunshine carved me some niches on either side of the fireplace so I could display a couple of them without feeling cluttered. He’s so sweet!


Fab Find

Our neighbor is an antiques junkie. When I helped her with that estate sale for that property she inherited, I spied an old medicine cabinet that I thought was awesome. It didn’t sell, so she took it home. When we started building our house, I asked her how much it would take to buy it from her. She told me to come get it when we were ready and we could have it.

We’re going to install it into the bathroom over the vanity. Sunshine thinks it’s awesome, so great minds DO think alike.

Weekly progress report: baby steps

Rude Ass got started on installing the plumbing fixtures in our shower. It took some creative problem solving since we were using bits and pieces from two different boxes. The rain shower head is chose came in a box with the tub filler and the temperature control valve. Since we have no tub, we aren’t installing the tub filler. That created a problem, because the diverted that tells the water which place to come out of? Is on the tub filler. Rude Ass came up with a solution that we actually kind of like, because it’s a little bit weird, just like us.

Yep, he put a red outdoor faucet knob in our shower to control waterflowtothe rain shower. He also got a button that will control water flow to the handheld shower head. He got the washing machine connection done, and a valve for water to the toilet (in case we don’t go with an incinerating toilet).

Sunshine and Biff have been busy, too. The scratch coat has been applied to all the walls (except in the bathroom, where we’re still dealing with plumbing.

My kitchen back splash has been installed, and I think it looks amazing. 

It looks even better when there’s a fire going in the fireplace,  but I didn’t have my tablet down there to get pics of it. It’s an Italian, iridescent, murano glass mosaic that we snagged up when we got the opportunity to clean out a defunct tile warehouse some time ago. We also got some cobalt glazed tiles that will become the bathroom back splash, some textured (no slip) industrial kitchen tile that we’ll be using on the bathroom floor, and a small box of beautiful blue glass tiles that are iridescent  that we will be using in the shower niches. They’re only 2×2 or so, and there aren’t many, so sadly I couldn’t do a backsplash or anything with them.

Final note: While I’m sitting here at work posting this, Sunshine is at home working on applying the top coat finish to as many of the walls as he can get to before dark. I’m going to be scheduling up a few days worth of posts because our Internet is booked at home. If I’m slow to respond to comments, I apologize and ask for your forgiveness. I’ll surely have to do some catch-up reading with all the blogs I follow, once we have Internet at home again. I promise, I haven’t abandoned anybody. I’m just dealing with the shitty Internet issues that seem to come with the territory when one lives in butt fuck nowhere. 


I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired here lately. Part of it is probably attributable to physical pain from aggravating old hip & back injuries; but I don’t think that covers all of it. Maybe there’s some seasonal affective disorder going on.

Whatever, it is what it is and what it is needs to be over because I’m starting to hit crunch time for making Christmas gifts. They might all be “smalls” and not big-ass blankets or whatever, but there are a lot of them, so time’s a’wastin’ and shit.

So, what did I do yesterday?

If you guessed “not Christmas presents”, ding ding ding you win a cardboard cookie!

I made a throw pillow out of an old pair of straight-leg suede pants (such a beautiful dark chocolate color!) Because I don’t already have too many fucking pillows on the bed.

So, I’m writing about my lack of motivation to be productive in hopes that a written record would hold me accountable. It works in my 12 step recovery, so maybe it will work for Christmas gifts.

For our nuclear families, I’m making full sets of cleaning items: machine washable sniffers, dust mitts, bottle scrubbers, blind cleaners, kitchen sponges, and so on. My girl Tia counts as nuclear family, as far as I’m concerned, so that’s a sixth set of cleaning implements to crochet.

For my boss and his wife, hats in their favorite colors. 

For Biff (aka Goldilocks), a hat and a stocking that will be stuffed with little gifts + the hat. I’m on the hunt for some seeds that will sprout twinkies for him, since he considers twinkies to be there own food group that is indispensable to life. So far, my search has been fruitless.

I had wanted to crochet a blanket for Sunshine, but that ship has long since sailed for this year, so maybe next year I’ll get started on that in time.

I’m also fairly certain that I’m forgetting a number of people that I’ll wind up making gifts for, but really… I’ll worry about that tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is all other day.


The skies have been grey for the last week or so, and today a cold grey rain is coming down. Sunshine decided it was a perfect day to work on our little house.

He’s inside, with a fire going in the fireplace, putting the first coat on the interior walls.

It’s going to be hard for me to let him go over this dark grey scratch coat with a lighter colored finish coat. I’m seriously loving the idea of charcoal grey walls.

Seriously loving it.


Houston, we might have lift-off!

When I made the last batch of vanilla cantaloupe jam, I had about 4 ounces of product left in the pot; not enough for a half pint jar but too much to wash down the drain. So I stuck it in a half pint jar and set it aside to cool.

It seemed to have set, so I stuck it in the fridge for consumption some time soon.

The few full jars I made? Seem to have set too! I can actually call this stuff jam! I think I’ll only ever use the pectin for sugar-free jams from now on, since it’s been far more successful than the liquid pectin I had been using.

I have one cantaloupe left, which should yield another 3 to 4 pints if I can work up the motivation to actually DO it. And, as Shakespeare said, “there’s the rub”…

I have GOT to give my body some time to heal. My hip and lower back are not happy with me (fucking pumpkin and firewood season at work), so I really need to be burrowed in on the couch crocheting Christmas gifts. When my hands start tingling and cramping, I switch to a book for a while and so on and so forth.

Now, I’m off to put on actual clothes and burrow into the couch with some crochet and books and shit.

One more time

Im giving the vanilla cantaloupe jam another try. I made some pear jam with pectin for sugar free jams and it set really well, so when the boss got some pretty good cantaloupes in the shop I decided I’d try again with the sugar free pectin.

I’ve just finished cutting up a couple of cantaloupes and am resting my back and hip for a few moments before I get trapped over a hot pot of cantaloupe and sugar.

I sincerely hope that this is the last time I have to can anything in this ridiculous little kitchen.