Somebody bring the ark!

We’re settled in, riding out the latest “rain event” to hit Texas. This morning, I got to looking around to make sure nothing was going to channel water into my house since Mr B has been out there reshaping the topography of the property.

As you can see, it had already started raining, with the worst still to come. Water had started pooling frightfully close to our foundation slab, so Sunshine went to Mr B to get the problem corrected.

The heavy rains have set in. We’re binge watching Netflix until it’s safe to go back outside.

This is the current view outside my back door.

Somebody send the ark, please?


Back to basics

We’re supposed to be doing the whole intentional community thing out here: living simply, anti-consumerism, homesteading, working less & hunting more, all that happy horseshit.

So much of that fell by the wayside over the last year. Sunshine has been working his ass off to get this house built. That means Biff hasn’t been available for helping out around here, because he works for Sunshine. I had help planting a garden, but with only DaRule and I to tend it… well, that went to shit real fast. With no garden, there was no canning. I’ve been dealing with an overwhelming plethora of health issues, so it was probably for the best that there was no canning. Mr B has been doing what Mr B does–moving dirt; which is the exact opposite of simple living.

When Sunshine got home from out of town, he didn’t have any projects lined up for work, so we’re starting to buckle in for the winter.

Side note: no, it’s not even fall yet, but the reality of construction work is that it always slows down during the fall and winter months. So we’re getting ready for it even though it’s still hot as fuck outside.

Sunshine decided it was the proper time to mention the need for a proper root cellar for food storage. Because Mr B is the king of unfinished projects. The minute Sunshine said “root cellar”, Mr B was out there digging a fucking hole for it. Even though he hasn’t finished the pond yet.

I’m starting to have home that I’ll be able to get some help from Sunshine to get prepped for spring planting. Because I’ve been unable to get help with the garden between planting and harvesting, I’m going to try square foot gardening for most of the growing. I’ll supplement it with traditional row gardening for beans, and root vegetables that can be stored in the root cellar. Sunshine says he will help me build the raised beds and get the right mixture of soil in them over the next few months. I’m excited to try a form of gardening that I might be able to handle all alone.

We also picked up some military surplus mosquito netting yesterday. I want to have screen doors, and they will have to be built. That’s the price of having these beautiful 8′ tall, 3′ wide doors that we got at ReStore for $100 each. It should be cool enough to turn off the a/c soon, and let the constant breeze from the south cool the house.

I’m (hopefully) about to be working, so it’s good that Sunshine is here to hang out with Miss Mollie for a while. She enjoys going to the woods and checking game cameras, throwing out corn to lure game, and in general running around like an actual d-o-g outside. We desperately need the game to fill the freezer, so hopefully all this fucking heavy equipment and digging and shit hasn’t completely killed off hunting season.

It’s kind of exciting to be able to put some focus on what we’re supposed to be doing out here, even if it is just for the winter. Come spring, Sunshine will have to get started on the addition, which will be his atelier (that’s a fancy french word for an artist’s workspace); and simple living will fall by the wayside for him when that gets started. I’ll at least have the winter months to get him to set me up for success in the spring.

Now, I think I’m off to go collect the pears from the neighbor’s pear tree, because she said she isn’t going to do anything with them, and the guys loved the ginger pear jam, and I’ve got to try some pear chai too (thank you to The EcoFeminist for that idea😍)

Some perspective

This is the hole for the new pond Mr B has been working at.

For true perspective, here is the giant bulldozer actually down in the hole (photo courtesy of Mr B).

And if he’s digging a hole to China, then he’s also building the Great Wall.

I have gotten so used to the sounds of heavy equipment that I had forgotten how quiet it can be out here. Someday, he will get this pond done and we’ll be able to hear the crickets and coyotes at night again.