Confession time

This past week, I had to fill out a form for the registration on my new refrigerator. The company has a service where you text a picture of the completed form to a special number, so I got ready to get it done.

Except I had a brain fart midway through the process and couldn’t remember my own zip code.

So I poked the block where I was supposed to fill in my zip code.

Nothing happened, so I poked it again because I needed to see the autofill options to remember my zip code.

Y’all, I poked that fucking piece of paper four damned times before I realized what I was doing.

Somebody get me some professional help.


10 thoughts on “Confession time

  1. You don’t need professional help. It’s called menopause. I do the same shit. Yesterday I sold something on eBay. I was so excited. I received an email and thought it was from the buyer. So I answered telling her it was an awesome item and how she was going to love it. I never double checked I was talking to the right person. I get the DA (dumb ass) award. I wasnt talking to the buyer. So today I had to apologize to non buyer She was very nice about it but I feel like a ass.

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