Notes from the road: day 3

I’m sick to death with being in a car. I drove through traffic yesterday to get to the wedding, and I drove to my sister’s place after the wedding. 

The wedding was beautiful, but pictures will have to wait because I didn’t take my tablet out of my truck. I have some on my phone that I’ll get posted when I get home.

The drive from my sister’s house back to mom’s today was exhausting, but at least I got to see kudzu. 

All that green viney stuff is kudzu. Georgia has lots of kudzu, but we don’t have that stuff in Texas.

I also got to see Lake Lanier. 

I’m finally back at mom’s,  and I’m wanting a nap. I’m also wanting also the least one day that I don’t have to get in a car. That drive home is going to suck.


7 thoughts on “Notes from the road: day 3

    1. If I remember right, it’s a Japanese vine, and is probably considered an invasive species. It’s EVERYWHERE around here. I’ve found recipes for kudzu jelly, kudzu salads… I guess people decided “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” LOL

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