New to me

Because my Volvo is likely dying, Sunshine and I have been low-key looking into a replacement for me. Since my boss is looking into the possibility of opening a second location, a sedan no longer makes sense.

side note: hell, it isn’t just the work thing that makes a sedan a bit senseless for me. I live in the buttfuck middle of nowhere, and could actually use a truck or SUV with 4-wheel drive and some cargo capacity.

He mentioned our search and my must haves to his mechanic friend in Shreveport (who also happens to be a used car dealer). My must-haves were pretty simple: four doors and power everything. Turns out that the mechanic had a four door, 4×4 truck available right now. Sunshine sent me pictures of it, and I wasn’t NOT interested in it.

I picked it up last week. It is quite possibly one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. It seems normal enough at first glance.

looks normal from the front

Then you walk around the side.

Is that not a bit strange looking? Especially considering the year. They weren’t making a lot of four door trucks back in 2000.

I’m hoping to get Sunshine convinced to take the odd little camper shell off of it. I don’t like it. It’s fugly.

This truck did not come from the factory like this.


Somebody (a company called Centurion) made this formerly two door truck into a four door. I’m not sure why, but the company that did it was famous (or infamous?) for taking Ford trucks and converting them into a Ford version of a Suburban back before Ford was doing Explorers, Expeditions, and Excursions.

Centurion took a two-door, mid-sized truck and made it into a four-door. Which works great for me. Because I wind up with a lot of shit in my vehicle at all times.

Because that’s just how I roll.

because this is how i roll

Don’t ask. I don’t know how to explain my behaviour to you. It is what it is, and what it is requires a truck with cargo capacity.

It wasn’t the SUV I wanted, but it’s weird and so am I and I like it and it likes me. In the end, that’s what matters.


6 thoughts on “New to me

  1. Your posts are interesting to read, the expressions especially. You write smooth to read. The truck is funky, you never mentioned the colour. You can haul most anything now, it’s a Texas limo.

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