Heat wave

I haven’t posted in a couple of days. We’re in the middle of a heat wave, and I had the day trip from hell on Tuesday. I spent most of Tuesday in a vehicle, with my little Mollie, in this heat wave that feels like the gates of hell have opened up because Sam and Dean Winchester did something stupid, scorching the earth; and there is no Castiel to save us.

Mollie has had something going on with her little forelegs and paws. I finally decided that enough is enough; it was time to take her to the doctor. Pancho had some things to take care of in Shreveport anyway, and Sunshine made arrangements for me to pick up some freegan windows for our little house, and a replacement for my dying Volvo while I was over there and had Pancho to help me get it home.

side note: Pancho was a mechanic in a previous incarnation. He doesn’t want to do mechanicking for a living anymore, but he’s willing to do a bit of it to help out around here.

I wound up spending a lot of time in the Volvo, parked in the shade, waiting on things to happen. Even in the shade, my car’s air conditioner could not keep up. I had started to wonder if I was having hot flashes until I saw this:

108 according to volvo

This might explain why I was hot as fuck inside a car with cold air conditioning that was parked in the shade.

It ain’t even August yet, people. Someone summon Castiel before I have to make a deal with the King of Hell to end this heatwave.

final note: Mollie was diagnosed with a generalized, widespread yeast infection. Her skin and ears were examined, tested, and treated. I was sent home with a ridiculous amount of medications, creams, drops, and potions. I spent $300 trying to save my little Mollie from some very miserable itching on her legs & feet and in her ears. Mr B spent $46 to get his pit bull seen by a local vet for a very similar issue on her side. Mollie’s doctor got into some very aggressive treatment, since this is not the first time Mollie has had an infection like this and is apparently one of the doxies that is predisposed to contract yeast infections very easily. Hopefully, my poor furbaby starts getting some relief.


4 thoughts on “Heat wave

    1. Thank you, Lisa. She seems to be itching less, and her legs and ears look so much better already. She doesn’t like having all these creams and stuff applies, but I’ll take “mad at mummy” over that constant itching any day LOL

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  1. Damn.

    That’s pretty hot.

    I’ve seen my car get to 112 in FL before, but this summer has been kind of mild here in my part of the state. We’ve had a handful of days over 90, but then it clouds up and rains and cools everything off. August is another story, though.

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