Bigger in Texas

When I was out and about searching for seeds for beans to plant, I saw a package of the weirdest green beans that I had ever seen. It’s called the yard long green bean or something.

Of course, being the weirdo that I am, I had to buy some and give them a try.

We picked a couple the other day and ate them raw just out of curiosity. They’re really sweet. I think that this shall be the green beans I plant from this day forward. That’s a lot of green beans to can from not a lot of plants.



8 thoughts on “Bigger in Texas

    1. I’m tired today. I had a very busy day at work yesterday. I sold more shit on a Sunday than my boss sold on a Saturday! I don’t know whether to be glad I gave myself some job security or afraid that I just set the bar impossibly high for future me to perform that well🤔

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  1. Holy crap, that’s nuts! We just harvested our French beans (haricot verts) and they’re 6″ long which I thought was crazy. My husband likes to cook them up in a bit of sesame oil with sesame seeds and soy sauce, but I just like them with a bit of butter (not a dilly bean person although I’ve made ’em in the past).

    PS – I have something I want to send you I think you’ll like – I saw it and it reminded me of all that you’ve been trying to accomplish this year! Email me imprintpdx at gmail dot com with your address if that’s cool?

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