Community Pantry

So Mrs B went all in, and started taking over the procurement of supplies right away. She found a good deal on bulk white vinegar for me at Costco or one of those big-box-stores and grabbed 3 giant jugs of the stuff, which is smart since white vinegar is probably the most used liquid in canning.. She also rounded up a lot of the most commonly needed spices that I had been unable to find locally. She also stopped at the local trade days and bought up quite a number of jars for not much cash (I was proud of how good she did).

Last Saturday, Sunshine got Biff and Pancho to clear all of the random bullshit out of the laundry room and take it all to the barn so that Mrs B and I could take over the laundry room and turn it into the community pantry. Mrs B kicked ass at spearheading that herculean effort. I would imagine that more ass will be kicked before it is all said and done, because she confessed to me that organizing was her comforting ritual (kind of like repetition is for me).

Mr B went all in, too. He got up before the ass crack of dawn and carried his ass to the nearest big box home improvement store for some heavy duty shelves to hold lots of jars of jam and pickles and shit. Biff and Pancho put them together and got them arranged the way Mrs B wanted them. I think it looks great so far. Well, except for all the empty shelves, but I’ll take care of that as quickly as I can.


Look at all that shelving!

white vinegar

When I say she found some mega jugs of white vinegar, I ain’t lying.

crocheted cleaning supplies

I moved all of my crochet dusting mitts and swiffer covers in there for the community to use.

She organized the jars of food I gave her to store in there.

empty jars

We put all of the unused jars in there. Biff was happy to empty them out of his closet.

frugal jars

Look at all those jars she got me!

drawers of labels, markers, papers

She put all of my wax and parchment papers in this drawer unit. The markers and labels are in there too.

Sunshine moved his meat machines in there, and we put all of the sausage and jerky spices in there too. Once the storage compartment those had been living in was empty, Biff quickly moved all of Sunshine’s art supplies from his home into that compartment

It’s nice to not have so much stuff crammed into every possible nook and cranny in our magic bus. A lot of that stuff was for community use anyway, and it was driving me crazy playing all that Tetris day in and day out.

Now, if I could just find a steady supply of the labels I like best for the lids of the canned goods, I’d be a happy camper.



7 thoughts on “Community Pantry

  1. Nice! I get so excited for shelves too, and Pinterest has so many awesome canning shelving/pantry ideas…sigh. We just made a batch of apple cider jelly last night with the electric canner then watered the plants with the leftover cooled off water this morning ๐Ÿ™‚

    We don’t buy labels for ours, we just use a sharpie to write the name on the lids then after the food is gone from the jar the lid goes into the recycling. My dream is to someday replace everything with Weck jars so I don’t need to buy lids anymore!

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