Water water everywhere

We’ve had torrential rains this past week or so. The road was under water from flash flooding; not like that’s a big deal out here in the middle of buttfuck nowhere but still…

I woke up one morning and noticed the sound of dripping as I drank my coffee. Apparently the roof of my magic bus is leaking, and it was dripping down from the built in TV box over the dashboard.

Wednesday evening, just before sunset, I went to take some trash to the barrel and stepped in a river running through the back yard. The leaky pipe from the water line installation had decided it was tired of slowly bleeding to death and decided arterial hemorrhaging was a better way to go. Mr B and I crawled around in the mud and got that repaired thanks to the kind visitor who held flashlights and lanterns for us.

I get inside, covered in water, mud, and sweat, (and smelling like a dirty buffalo), and less than a minute after I finish taking a shower? It starts raining. I had to put my big ass pot I use for canning under the drip that I knew was coming from above the dashboard.

Yesterday, as I was attempting to fold the pile of clean laundry on the bed, I noticed that the foot of the bed was soaking wet. The roof unit air conditioner was dripping condensation.

Sunshine will be home tonight, and maybe he can deal with some of this stuff. Maybe he can get to work on the little house so I have a more watertight environment. I’m tired of lurching from crisis to crisis out here. I’m tired of all these water problems and plumbing problems. I’m just tired.


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