I got zero understanding

Mr B brought his RV home from the dealership where he had it on consignment. He and Mrs B used it for a couple of weeks at the lake, then Mr B sold it outright to a different RV dealer.

While it sat here waiting for all this stuff to happen to it, Mr B did some minor things to it. I have no idea what those things were, I just know that it has been at least month since I saw him up on a ladder doing things to the RV.

Today, while walking around the yard with Mollie, I was struck by this:

ladder to nowhere

Part of me wanted to just scratch my head and wonder why on earth there is a ladder to nowhere in the middle of the yard. However, there’s a bigger part of me that knows that it fits the pattern around here: Mr B takes out thing, uses thing, leaves thing where he got done using it.

Welcome to my world, where ladders to nowhere are a thing.


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