I am overdone right now. I am so completely out of spoons it isn’t even funny. It’s definitely summer in Texas.

Mr B and I got out in the garden Thursday and tag teamed the weeds and grass. He ran the weedeater while I crawled around pulling weeds and grass by hand in the places he couldn’t run the weedeater. Then we picked blackberries. Then I worked 10 hours yesterday, and it was stupid hot.

I have been handed a reminder that, no matter how normal I have felt since the antidepressants started working, my body still has limits; and that there is a very heavy price for pushing those limits.


7 thoughts on “Overdone

  1. i just googled “out of spoons” 🙂
    it’s 95 here today, 101 tomorrow, the dog and i are lying in the bedroom by the window a/c we finally got 2 years ago.
    mmm, blackberries! our blackberries and marionberries are so close to being able to pick – can’t wait!

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    1. So you found out about the spoon theory of ‘invisible’ illnesses 😊

      You’re up in the Pacific Northwest, y’all aren’t used to temperatures like that!😲 You and the dog are smart for staying under a window unit air conditioner!

      I just had to Google marionberries, which made me feel kind of dumb since I work at a produce stand LOL

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