Canning supplies

The neighbors brought me a bunch of freegan glass jars to use for canning.

freegan jard for canning

There are some normal sized ones in there, ad a bag of small ones (half pint, I think). The half pint ones will be great for gift baskets I plan to do for Christmas.

side note: I plan to do baskets with stuff I’ve made and preserved myself. Like syrup, jam, dip, spreads, jelly… I also think I’m going to throw in some soap made by a wonderful little goat farm near my work.

I tried to give the neighbors money for the jars, but they were like “shit, we only paid $4 a box for them at a garage sale” and wouldn’t take my cash.

Now I need to order up my pots and funnels and tongs and pots and shit so I can get to learning how to can some shit. It’s still almost always a learning experience out here.


4 thoughts on “Canning supplies

  1. My Mom has been giving us jars of relish and jams for years. I love it and I think it is smart. My wife started jarring fruit and we had some of last years cherries and ice cream just last night. I hope you enjoy the experience and this winter have a full pantry to show off and enjoy of your canning.

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    1. That sounds yummy! I’m excited to learn something I saw my grandmothers do so much when I was a kid. And a full pantry in the winter sounds great, since Sunshine and I both don’t get as much work during winter. Takes some financial pressure off of us.


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