Weekly Progress Report: The Saturday Edition

I’m tired. It’s that time of year, when heat/pollen/dust all work together with my COPD and anemia to leave me really tired. I’ve been doing my best to power through it, and most days I do OK. Some days, I just stay my happy ass on the couch and allow myself the luxury of rest and healing (since my back and hip still haven’t healed from the great septic system debacle because I’m mostly on my own with the fucking garden).

Sunshine got a new compost heap containment fence put up. I took this week’s “backdoor fruit” and put it in there. Now we can let the original compost heap turn into compost so that we can use it in our garden next spring.

As soon as it quits raining, I’ll be using some of the leftover roll of fencing to make trellis for my new beans to cling to for support as they grow.

roll of wire fence for beans

I have beans and things sprouting up all over the place, and they are going to need some support.

We got the tomato plants tied to stakes so that they don’t die under the crushing weight of their fruits like my snap beans are trying to do because they had no support for so long.

staked tomatoes

Yes, I know. Our garden is growing in the middle of a field of grass. Mr B has been too preoccupied with moving dirt to create a place to build a shop, and hasn’t been back to the garden with a tractor since he created the extra rows where we planted beans. I’ve got enough on my plate with work, household chores, and preserving what DOES manage to grow in the middle of that field of grass; I can’t be everything all the time. Maybe after we get the house finished, Sunshine (and perhaps even Biff) can help more with the garden.

We are out of room in the freezers. Thank heaven Mr B’s mom has offered to trade us her large chest freezer for the small one she donated to us a few months ago. Now, if I could just get someone to take the small one to her and bring back the big one, I could get started on some serious reorganization of our already frozen vegetables and blackberries. The situation has gone well past the point of being dire, and is only going to be exacerbated by all of the fruit I’m going to freeze this week to make jelly or syrup or something. Eventually, I’ll be pulling the fruit back out of the freezer; until then, I get to teach myself to play an awesome game of tetris.

It’s been a busy week out here in the middle of buttfuck nowhere. And it looks to stay that way through Thanksgiving at least. I’ll eventually get it all figured out, or get some help, or something. Until then, I’ll do the best I can.



4 thoughts on “Weekly Progress Report: The Saturday Edition

  1. I laughed reading your post in many places because of your descriptive language, but a garden the size of yours looks like a lot of work and you already seem like a busy lady. It looks like a big chunk of property, and I gather it is rural so you have lots of space. I suggest you scale back a little or plant things like potatoes that are less intensive. I love having fresh garden produce but I know I am more of spectator when it comes to actual gardening. Still I help out here and there with this and that but I stopped at two fruit trees, and added more flowers this year than veggies.
    Have a nice evening in your quiet setting.

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    1. Yes, it’s a lot of work. And yes, very rural, lots of space. I think I can definitely scale it back next spring, because more thought and planning will go into what to plant. A lot of stuff got planted that nobody ate, and it wound up being harvested for compost. Next spring, I intend to plant what I know will get used; less green leafy shit; and more stuff that can be canned, dried, or frozen. A lot of food has gone to waste this time around, and I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into preserving stuff that I fear will go to waste in spite of my efforts. And we did do potatoes, they’re hiding in the storm shelter until we can build a root cellar. I’m looking forward to having a real stove and oven when the house is finished, so I can make some potatoes au gratin 😍

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