Three Hours

Somewhere along the way, Sunshine and Mr B got it into their heads that the goal for us all was to have a three hour workday.

As nice as it sounds, I don’t know that it’s a very attainable goal. There’s no way I could consider myself having a three hour workday, even if we took all the hours I worked in the last year and divided it by 365 (and this isn’t even taking into consideration the hours I worked at an actual job in the last year).

Today alone, I have:

  • spent two hours picking blackberries
  • spent around an hour in the garden harvesting squash and turnips
  • spent another hour and a half (and still counting) blanching and freezing squash
  • spent a bit of time freezing blackberries

Still on the agenda for today:

  • go back and help Sunshine and Biff pick the other half of the blackberry patch
  • clean up the mess I made blanching and freezing
  • finish freezing blackberries and squash
  • water the garden and the compost heap
  • empty the compost bucket into the compost heap
  • help cook dinner
  • and whatever else Sunshine comes up with to do

Now, during the winter (late December through early February), there might be some days that are delightfully idle, but I don’t know that they’ll make up for the activity packed days that go on from late February through almost Christmas.

I don’t know where Sunshine gets his ideas, but I think I’d rather not smoke whatever he was smoking when he came up with that three hour workday shit, because that’s just delusional.

final note: what’s the difference between illusions and delusions? Illusions are the ways I try to fool you. Delusions are the ways I try to fool myself.


6 thoughts on “Three Hours

    1. I’m pulling out my hair today. I’ve been blanching squash while freezing blackberries in a single layer on cookie sheets in my small freezer built into my fridge. Then I package fruits and blanched veggies into Rubbermaid type containers and transfer the containers to the chest freezers in the laundry room. Both chest freezers are basically packed full and we haven’t even started with our garden until today. It’s packed full of freegan stuff from neighbors and work, and wild game that Sunshine has killed and butchered. I’m also about to have to learn to can stuffs, so it’s starting to get a wee bit overwhelming because Pinterest has so many things I can do with all this stuff that I can’t find time to do all the things I want to do😲😲😲😲


      1. And Blackberry honey butter and blackberry biscuits and blackberry syrup to go on pancakes. Blackberry crumble and blackberry cobbler and no-bake blackberry cheesecake. I’m gonna need bigger pants!. Veggie chips, baked zucchini chips, eggplant pizza bites, cauliflower mash… Pinterest is a rabbit hole 😍😍😍

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