It has no shell

Mr B found an egg with no shell.

I have no words.


10 thoughts on “It has no shell

  1. I had this happen once. Called the vet freaking out. He said if she is a new layer that could be why. Or she needs more calcium or less salt…blah, blah. They eat better than I do. One of our hens just could not get her first egg out, so OU Boy had to perform a finger delivery. Now she follows him like he is God.

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    1. I have no idea. I didn’t know it was a thing until Mr b found it. We’ve been collecting their eggs for a while and this is the first one of these we’ve seen, so hopefully it’s an anomaly


      1. It did have a thin membrane. I started researching it briefly and discovered that it could be dietary. If it continues to happen, I’ll have to research it more thoroughly.


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