Growing season

Growing season is fairly long here in Texas. We live under oppressive heat for much of the year, and our winters are relatively mild. Every few years, we see a hard freeze that lasts a few days, or an ice storm that shuts down the entire world.

Our climate means that things can be planted almost anytime and they will sprout and grow and make flowers and fruits and vegetables. We are in the midst of the vegetable gardening season, and we have things starting to produce all over the place.

Apparently, Mr B planted some corn. On top of the lateral lines for the septic system.

I have more itty bitty squashes and zucchinis.

I have teeny tiny tomatoes.

teeny tiny tomatoes

I have more cucumber plants that I didn’t know I had planted.

cucumber plants

I have unidentified things growing in little mounds. The mounds mean that they are not weeds, they’re something I deliberately planted.

And Mr B got out there on his big orange dirt mover and made me some rows for planting beans and peas, which Sunshine says he’ll help me plant when he gets home.

I’ve also done some research into how to do the four sisters companion planting thing the Native Americans have done for centuries, and will be having Sunshine help me plant corn, squash, beans, and Rocky Mountain Bee Plant for a fall garden.

I still don’t enjoy all this planting and harvesting and blanching and freezing; but I still find comfort in all of the repetition, so I guess I’ll keep being the one that does the majority of the gardening.





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