I had some stuff to add to the compost heap yesterday. While I was out there with the garden, I wandered through to see if anything needed to be harvested and preserved.

I harvested the next to last cauliflower plant and some more broccoli. I also harvested a few turnips for Sunshine.

There are flowers blooming in my garden! My squash plants have giant, beautiful, yellow flowers on them! And some little itty bitty squashes!

I also noticed that some of the squash sprouts I brought home to plant out of curiosity are looking like they might make it. The boss’s goat had nibbled on them, and the boss told me to make them go away. I figured it was worth trying to save them.

The tomato plants that the goat nibbled seem to be doing well also. And the sprouts the neighbor gave us are making it. Only one or two of the tomato sprouts we transplanted from my seeds are doing anything.

I’m irrationally excited by all this gardening stuff. It’s a grand adventure to me. I also find a lot of comfort in the repetition of it all. Dig, plant, repeat. Pluck, chop, boil, cool, freeze, repeat. My mom laughed at me, and told me she was glad I was enjoying it. I had to be honest, I don’t think I’m enjoying it, I just think I find that much comfort in the repetition and the knowledge I am ensuring some food security.

Whatever it is, I can’t wait to get out there and plant some beans. Mr B is preparing some ground for several rows of beans for me.

mr b making place for beans

I’m investigating what kind to plant and when to plant them. Lots of us eat beans, and Sunshine and Biff will help me harvest them if I am willing to shell and freeze or can them.

final note: I’ve also started harvesting turnips for Sunshine. I’ve quit trying to do anything about the turnip greens, as the last batch of them I harvested wound up wilting because nobody did anything with them. They ended up in the compost heap. So now, I just put them straight into the compost instead of wasting a lot of effort trying to harvest them. I’m still partly on strike; I’m only doing what I have an urge to do. And I have no urges to waste my time on shit like all that lettuce that went bad in the rows without being harvested, or turnip greens that nobody is going to cook, or cabbage that nobody is going to cook. I only get so many spoons per day, and I’m using on the things that matter to me.



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