Weekly Progress Report: getting rid of the pond

A while back I showed you where Mr B had dug a trench to drain the front pond. Well, Mr B apparently has a bulldozer coming early this coming week to push over the dams to fill in the pond.

Our new addition Biff got out there with a chainsaw and started cutting down the trees this past week. He started with the willow trees because Sunshine wants to keep the wood. Apparently, willow tree wood is the best kind of wood to make the charcoal that goes in black powder. So the willow trees went first.

Biff couldn’t get Mr B’s little tractor started to use it to pull on the tree with a giant strap (to control which direction it fell), so I told him to go grab Sunshine’s jeep.

biff prepares to cut willow trees

Biff worked his ass off and drove the 4-wheeler about a thousand miles, cutting down willow trees and dragging the wood to the designated place to store it until Sunshine needs it. You can see some significant progress in these pictures.

And two days later even more progress.


We have a stack of willow wood for Sunshine to use to make black powder.

willow wood

side note: Sunshine says that if he buys enough potassium nitrate and sulfur to make black powder with all that willow wood, he’d wind up on somebody’s watch list

We also have a nice little stack of firewood put to the side to dry out so that it can maybe be used to heat our little house this winter.


side note: Sunshine says it will be done this fall. I hope so. Trying to blanch all these vegetables and shit in my RV kitchen is difficult, to say the least; and doing it at the outdoor sink isn’t much better.

It’s been a productive week here in the middle of buttfuck nowhere. I’ll take it.



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