Progress on the little house

The safe room is pretty much finished in Sunshine’s book.

It is a bare bones safe room. We still have to add the electrical panel box in, but that won’t happen for a while yet. The concrete ceiling cap is finally cured enough that they took all of the support posts and shoring out from under it.

safe room ceiling

It even has a locking door on it now.

safe room door lock

side note: the door lock is really just for when we’re away and want to secure Sunshine’s guns and shit. I don’t think we’ll actually need to lock our closet here, I trust the others who live here.

However, the inside is unfinished as hell, and Sunshine would be content to leave it that way after he adds some lighting. I am NOT content to leave it that way. It is entirely too reminiscent of prison cells at the moment. I don’t have anything fancy planned for it. Just some rods to hang clothes from, and some shelves with baskets in them for things like underwear and socks. I do want to paint it a light color so that it feels less dungeon-y in there.

I think I have settled on a color called “safe haven”,

safe haven paint

but I can’t help but be drawn to one called “voodoo violet” also; but the voodoo violet doesn’t go as well as the options I’ve chosen as possibles for the kitchen and bathroom walls (I think it’s a little too warm compared to the others).

voodoo violet

I want deep, rich blues and purples to be my accent colors. My kitchen will have a Murano glass mosaic tile backsplash that is iridescent cobalt/deep midnight blue, with hints of other peacock feather colors in it, and I want to carry those blue/purple tones throughout the house in little doses here and there.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to get much help from Sunshine when it comes to painting in the safe room/closet. While that irritates the piss out of me, it might also be a good thing. If he isn’t in there, he can’t tell me not to paint the ceiling and he can’t tell me he doesn’t like the color I’ve chosen, right? He seriously just showed me how to take a broken piece of cinderblock and use it as a sanding block to knock the mortar and concrete boogers off of the walls.

side note: yes, I said boogers. Because boogers are funny.

Sunshine has also started hauling the giant foam blocks to a sawmill to get them trimmed down to uniform size and shape so that it’s easy to use them to insulate the exterior walls. Slowly but surely, we’re making progress on our little house.


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