Spring clean-up

Last week, Sunshine, Mr B, and Biff got out in the yard and did some stuffs. Lots of stuffs. They cut the grass. They ran the weedeater. They cleaned up the tree limbs that Mr B cut down a couple of months ago during the great septic system debacle. They even cleaned up the multiples of piles of gravel that were still scattered throughout the yard from way back last year, when Mr B had almost 100 tons of gravel dumped into the yard.

They also killed my cactus plants.

cactus gone

Yes, those cactus plants that I spent so much time on when I first got here.

I’m very sad about it, but I also understand that it needed to be done. Sunshine and Mr B had knocked down great giant chunks of the cactus plants pulling trailers through the yard.

They did relocate a significant portion of the cactus plants. Well, sort of. They dumped them at the treeline near our build site. It’s a cactus, it’s tenacious, it will probably take root and survive.

cactus at treeline

It looks a lot better around here.

Well, except for the giant pile of fuck knows what metal leftover from when Mr B was converting a hammer mill to crush styrofoam for that new building method he’s been getting into, but that is a post for another day.

mr b pile of metal shit

final note: I think there’s a plan to take the pile of metal to a scrapyard. I’m thinking there’s some experimental lawn art to be found in here, but I’m not a sculptor/welder, so I guess it goes to the scrapyard.

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