I think my car is dying

So yesterday, on my way home from work, my car started giving me error messages about my traction control system and my power steering system. It also started shifting hard again, which it has done before to Sunshine.

If that were the sum total of it, that would be bad enough. However, it gets better. About two miles from the house, I got a message from my car that the brakes had failed and that I should stop safely ASAP. The brakes seemed to be working, and the message (and accompanying idiot light) kept coming and going.

So, either my car’s computer is failing, or every system in it is dying. It’s a Volvo, which means that whatever is wrong with it is going to be expensive as fuck to fix.

Sunshine seems to think that it is something wrong with the hydraulic system, since all of the systems sending me messages and giving me problems run on hydraulics. I think it’s a combination of the computer and the transmission failing.

He has asked me to drive it to the autozone and have them hook it up to their computer and diagnose it.

Is he fucking crazy? I am not getting into a car that might leave me stranded on the side of the road in the buttfuck middle of nowhere with nobody here at the property to come and rescue me because Sunshine is out of town today.

I don’t want my car to die. I want my car to be OK. My car has me spoiled. It’s an older car (1999) but it’s a well appointed car. Butt warmers, dual climate control, wipers for the headlights….

If I lived in the city, it probably wouldn’t be too big of a deal to lose my car. We’re not in the city. We are in the middle of buttfuck nowhere. It’s a long way to anything out here.

I think I’m going to sit on my couch and stuff myself with Reese’s peanut butter egg candy I got on sale the day after Easter and mourn the car. If you need me, I’ll be over here crying in the corner.

2 thoughts on “I think my car is dying

  1. Man I want a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg! My truck light came on and said check your brake booster. I didn’t even know they had a booster or needed one. Turns out I needed steering fluid or some kind of fluid but it wasn’t brake fluid. Idiot truck ( Sorry Betsy).

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