Amateur hour in the garden

So none of us really know what we’re doing in the garden. We’ve been experimenting, I guess. We’ve been talking with neighbors, reading on the internet, and asking at gardening supply places. It seems like every time we make a plan, Mr B finds a new way to build a mousetrap; like when he made the garden longer but with fewer rows so he could fit his tractor in between the rows of plants. I’ve just kind of stepped back and waited for instructions (well, that’s what I was doing before I went on strike). We also seem to have an inordinate amount of green leafy shit growing out there. Seriously, there’s like 4 or 5 kinds of lettuce, some cabbage, two colored varieties of chard, a few types of greens, and some spinach. There are only a few partial rows of beans, which I’m not sure I understand since Mr B doesn’t eat meat and is constantly talking about needing ways to get enough protein, but OK. It’s an experiment, and we’ll learn from it.

We had to relocate the compost heap and create a better way to contain it than the small area we had created with a few pallets. I’ve been back at work at the produce stand, and I’ve been bringing home a lot of freegan spoiled fruits and vegetables to add to the pile.

side note: there’s a lot of stuff coming out of my work as “spoiled” or whatever. My boss has some exceptionally high standards for the products he sells. I’ve seen him toss out whole bushels of cantaloupes because they do not meet his standards for sweetness and texture. I’ve been called into the walk-in cooler to taste cherries because he knows that his sense of taste has been warped by all of the high-quality fruits he gets in stock; I’ve had to tell him that the cherries weren’t necessarily as good as his usual, but they were still far better than your average grocery store cherries. He won’t sell a green tomato that has turned red because he says the texture of the tomato is crap after being refrigerated like green tomatoes have to be refrigerated. There’s a lot that heads out the back door at work… The boss doesn’t care where it goes as long as it doesn’t head toward his customers’ tables. Quite a bit of it gets eaten out here because it’s perfectly good food. Bossman is just glad he doesn’t have to deal with it, and if I can keep it out of a landfill… well, he likes that, too.

So I’ve been bringing home a lot of stuff because the boss tells me to “make it go away”. The compost heap is growing by leaps and bounds.

compost heap is growing

Sunshine got out there yesterday with some pitchforks and turned the compost heap. It was interesting to see the various layers. There was some dark rich stuff towards the bottom of the heap, a few potato plants sprouting on the top, and small bits half pulled through the fencing by little raccoons or something. There were also approximately 8,947,837,658,298,798,632,058,967,093 ants crawling through the pile, and I saw at least one slug.

This week’s heavy rains left standing water in some low spots in our garden and Mr B got out there like a little kid, barefoot, and shoveled a trench to allow it to drain off. It was kind of fun watching him splash mud all over himself.

Today’s agenda includes getting out there and picking broccoli and cauliflower, and researching the proper method to freeze them. I think something called blanching is  involved, and I’m going to have to find the freezer tape to mark the containers with. It’s amateur hour in the garden, and it’s definitely a learning experience.

final note: Having a chronic illness has really sucked this week. I’m hoping I can muster the energy to accomplish this today. The fatigue is still really bad, and the pollen + humidity isn’t helping It might be time to start back on the iron supplements if I can find them. It’s hard to do life when one’s limbs feel like they weigh 100 pounds each.


6 thoughts on “Amateur hour in the garden

    1. I’d heard of programs like that. I wish this were more widespread. We waste so much food because it’s “imperfect”, when really–the best pear is the one that’s just turning brown but isn’t yet mooshy


    1. The steroids would help more if I took them as prescribed, but I’m so afraid of a repeat of the anxiety that I’m taking 1/3 the prescribed amount. They are helping. And I’m sort of on strike. Not mowing grass or any of that, but it was pissing me off that so much food was going to waste in the garden because nobody was picking it. So I’m doing vegetables today.

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