I forgot we planted that

I was out walking around with Mollie earlier, and we were meandering near the garden. I looked over and saw broccoli growing out of the top of a bushy looking little plant.

broccoli is growing

I had totally forgotten that we planted broccoli.

The garden is starting to look pretty green. The sprouts we planted most recently are still tiny, but I’m hoping that they do as well as all this other stuff seems to be doing. Our potato plants look like bushes, and we have at least 98593869385790468 kinds of lettuce and cabbage and greens and shit growing out there because Mr B only eats twigs and berries and shit.

(all joking aside, Mr B seriously eats a mostly plant based diet. However, he is only doing so because of the unethical practices in the meat industry. He will occasionally eat some of the meat from the wild game that Sunshine kills, because those animals were free range organic meat that has no steroids or antibiotics, and they weren’t crammed in a chicken house so tightly that they couldn’t move…. I digress)

I’m hoping to talk Sunshine into going out there and picking a lettuce while I am at the grocery store this afternoon. A mango salad sure would hit the spot for dinner tonight.

final note: mango salad… start with a bed of lettuce/spinach/greens of your choice. drop some chunks of mango on top, sprinkle with candied nuts, toss in some craisins. I top mine off with some raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing and call it dinner.



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