A major piece of the puzzle

Our slab got finished yesterday! The concrete truck arrived around noon

concrete truck is here

And they started pouring

The guys that were doinng the finishing were able to do the slope for my curbless shower which excites me greatly

sloping my shower floor

The first major piece of the puzzle is in place

my slab is done

Now we can start thinking about getting the actual structure up. First will be the closet, which is also going to double as a tornado resistant safe room (because we are entirely too close to Moore OK for my comfort). This scary looking mess of vertical rebar is the beginnings of that tornado resistant closet.

safe room rebar

Our fireplace foundation (which is over two feet thick) is in place

fireplace foundation

and my shower floor slope is absolutely correct. It is holding water exactly where it should be until we take the tape off of the drain

my shower floor slope is correct

As exciting as this is, it’s also a drag because it means it’s time for us to go to work. I’m ready for the shopping trips to the re-store type places to see how much of our house can be repurposed materials. I’m ready for the shopping trips to buy the “lipstick and mascara” for my house: light fixtures, faucets, sinks, storage solutions, and etcetera. I guess that will happen exactly when it is supposed to.

final note: considering how many storm systems we have rolling through here the last week and in the coming week, I can’t get out of this RV fast enough. It’s definitely anxiety inducing to be living in an RV during tornado season, even with an underground storm shelter on the property.






9 thoughts on “A major piece of the puzzle

  1. Oh wow that looks great! How did you do last night? We lost power and some flooding I just saw a couple of the weather channel people died in Texas. Warning are already up. I am 2 miles north of Moore. Take it easy!

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    1. OMG girl I didn’t know you were that close to the most tornado stricken town on the planet😲. Sending you all the good thoughts and prayers

      We came thru fairly unscathed. Lots of bits of foliage and pollen pods stuck to the southside of the RV and concrete surfaces out here but no damages–until dodged a bullet compared to the north side of the DFW metroplex

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