Productive day

This morning, Sunshine and I got out to our build site and made the last few additions before the concrete slab got poured at lunch time. Mr B came and helped us, and then suggested that we go deal with the compost heap (which completely shocked me, I didn’t think it would get done anytime soon), and he proceeded to go hop on his tractor and load up some fence panels to set up around our compost location.

As Sunshine and Mr B were shoveling the compost heap inside the fence panels, they came across some onions, potatoes, and garlic that had sprouted so we set them aside to plant in the garden. We got the fence panels around the compost and moved up to the garden. We’ll have to go back and reinforce the panels with some t-posts, but at least the chickens can’t fuck up our compost heap for now.

compost heap containment

We got started planting the potatoes, then we planted some turnip seeds. We didn’t get to the onions and garlic because the concrete showed up.

concrete truck is here

I did manage to get some flower seeds and some of those bulbs planted in hopes of attracting bees to our garden, but there’s still a lot of planting to do, and it isn’t likely to get done today with more rain and severe weather headed our way.

planting turnip seedsflower bulbs to plantbulbs along fencelineplanted flower bulbs

Overall, it’s been a pretty productive day. Now, I’m going to park my ass on the couch to let this hip rest because I’ve been standing on it far too long today.

final note: I’ll post up pictures of the slab tomorrow, they are still busy putting in rebar for the safe room and exterior walls this afternoon. They did get my shower floor sloped properly, which is awesome as fuck. I am getting my curbless wet-room shower! 

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