weekly progress report

We’ve established that I have set back my healing progress to a not insignificant extent. It seems to be the way of things. Get hurt, start healing, reinjure myself; have allergies, get sick, get better, enter new type of pollen season; get the credit card balance paid down significantly, run short on cash, charge groceries and gas.

Side note: that last one is making it difficult to start shoe shopping and shit, which is pissing me off. I’m supposed to be on strike, doing  whatever the fuck I want instead of killing myself trying to do shit nobody but me seems to care about; I want some fucking shoes and some new skinny jeans, and I do NOT want them to come from the local big box retailers. Sunshine says he’ll help with the credit card at the end of the month, which is nice since I’ve been basically paying it myself for a couple months now because winter is always lean for his masonry work.

We ate a salad made with lettuces picked from our garden last night. I almost took pictures of it, but then I got all insecure about how my pictures wouldn’t look all Pinterest-perfect like a food blogger or Instagram star.

We still don’t have the thing that Mr B was given to put our compost in to keep it contained, so there is no progress on that front. I’m hoping that it comes soon, but I’m not holding my breath. I know how things work out here, and the compost heap isn’t on anybody’s priority list but mine so it won’t get done unless it reaches emergency status somehow.

Our little house is ready for the foundation to be done, so Sunshine says we will be getting that done Monday or Tuesday. This is exciting news, because once the foundation is in, it will actually start to look like something.

Now, I’m off to binge watch Netflix until time to go to work. 

Final note: after work tonight, I’m back on strike. I’m sick to death with this back and hip pain, so I will be spending the week getting to know my couch and bingeing on Netflix (and maybe shopping for shoes or skinny jeans).


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