My Kitchen Book

My girl Tia makes the awesomest shit. She made me this really cool kitchen book for Christmas.

It has categories so that I don’t have to search through every single page to find what I’m looking for.

It has pockets that will hold things I’ve clipped from boxes and such.

It has lots of different cool papers throughout so that I don’t get bored.

It even has meal planner pages and conversion charts

I sat down yesterday and started adding some stuff to it.

Stuff that I like to make, like pancakes


side note: that pancake recipe is a total fucking pain in the ass but my gawd the pancakes are to-die-for

Stuff that I like to eat but may or may not ever make, like Granny’s coconut pie recipe in her handwriting

granny fowler's coconut pie

side note: mom says the recipe is a pain in the ass to make but she wouldn’t un-ass the recipe. Probably because it is her mother’s handwriting, for which I do not blame her.

Stuff that I probably will make like Grandmother’s vegetable casserole or Granny’s apple cobbler

And shit that I definitely will never make, like 10,000 chocolate chip cookies (for which I have a recipe used on the USS Forrestal)




This book is a way to keep my kitchen shit organized, yes. But even better than that, it is a way to preserve a few little pieces of family and home. I get why my mother wouldn’t un-ass the coconut pie recipe, and I’m glad she at least let me take a picture of it so that I could have a bit of my Granny’s handwriting too. I will probably be spending quite a bit of time either printing some of these recipes, or transferring them to pages in my little book. It’s a great way to feel like a productive homesteader even though I’m still not at 100% with my back and hip.

I think I’ll start by transferring that pound cake recipe to my new book.

final note: I need to get Tia to make me one of these for my clothes, shoes, and accessories. Many of my things are more than just clothes–they have stories behind them. Also, a journal about my clothes might help me shop more mindfully.


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