It’s been a weird couple of weeks

I haven’t been posting as regularly as I would like this last couple of weeks. I was really in a bad place with the injury to my back and hips, and the medicine they gave me for it was not helping my mood. The meds were non-narcotic but they still weren’t fun.

Then we spent this past week on the road doing a whirlwind tour of “dixie alley” or some such shit. We went to Nashville so that Sunshine could do a publicity appearance for that documentary film he is in, and then we went to my mom’s.

We came home and Mr B had apparently been a busy little hunter-gatherer bee while we were gone. There’s several new acquisitions sitting hither and thither on the property.

Our garden is starting to look like something, and my seeds have become sprouts that are ready to be transplanted from the containers to the garden. Mr B has made a space at the lower end of the field for watermelons and cantaloupes to be planted, and I think we’re going to put pumpkins there, too.

Today I’ve been working on getting my very few recipes into my little kitchen book Tia made for me, and I’m thinking about starting my crochet journal too.

It’s good to be home, and it’s good to be feeling better. Just in time for the weather to heat up…


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