What the hell is that smell?

We’ve spent most of the last week in a car. I don’t recommend it to anybody. I’m stuff and sore and sick to death of sitting. 

That’s a good thing. When we walked in our magic bus just after midnight after spending most of the week on the road to Nashville to promote the documentary and then at my mom’s in Georgia. The moment I walked in, I realized that my house smelled funny. When I went to the bathroom, I noticed that it smelled kind of bad, which means it got warm enough outside to make the black water tank start smelling ripe. When I walked into the bedroom, the smell of dog assaulted my nose and made me want to bathe poor Mollie, who is actually pretty clean right now for such a country-fried dog.

This morning, I am looking around at all the still packed luggage, random possessions sitting right where they were dropped when we brought them inside, and the bag full of dirty laundry that needs to be washed. I am dreading the work that must be done to put my home back in order after so much time away. But it must be done, and quickly, so that I can clean this magic bus and get that dog smell out of our bed linens. 

Note to self: research options to get smells out of upholstery without renting a shampooer. I know that vodka is supposed to be great at removing odors from fabrics but vodka is probably not a good idea in this household 😯

It’s a lot to do, but I’ll take it. It beats the hell out of being stuck in a car as we drove through seven states in 5 days (some of them, like Texas and Louisiana were traversed twice).

Final note: my mom made me a birthday cake. Pound cake with chocolate icing. My mom makes the best pound cake ever, and I feel so spoiled when she makes one these days because she doesn’t cook much now that she has no children to feed (can’t say that I blame her there). She sent the rest of the cake home with us, so I’m probably going to call some birthday cake my breakfast 😁

5 thoughts on “What the hell is that smell?

    1. Mom lives near Athens. I grew up in Alpharetta, though. I’ve lived in Fulton, Clayton, Forsyth, and coweta counties. Didn’t head West til 2000.

      It had been a year since I’d been able to make it for a visit. Hoping to go back this summer.

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