Weekly progress report

Finally. Sunshine, his employee, and Mr B started filling in the trench that our electrical cable runs through (and standing water collected in).

It’s about time.

They didn’t quite finish yesterday afternoon, but I’m ok with that. They made significant progress. I’ll take it, especially after I borked my back and hip to hell trying to do all of that with a fucking shovel. Sunshine and his employee had to work with shovels, too, because Mr B couldn’t get his tractor all the way up in there to do it that way.

In other news, somewhere along the way we managed to (inadvertently) thin out two of the cactus clumps. I’m not sure how I feel about this, since it was the two clumps I had worked the most to thin the fungus infection out of. I guess I’ll chalk this one up to “shit happens”.

smooshed cacti

Lastly, I think some of the damage I did to my back and My back muscles are loosening up enough that a vertebra popped into place yesterday afternoon. Now, if I could just get the lower back and pelvis to relax so it would quit hurting, I’d be happy. I can still feel the sciatic nerve being pinched, but the meds are blocking the pain signals well enough that I’m mostly just feeling the cramps and soreness from it instead of the white-hot pain. I’ll take it for now, but I’m really ready to get up off the couch and start doing stuffs again. All this couch time is making me stir crazy.

final note: I’m also sick of the lethargic feeling that the meds give me. As a recovering addict, I really hate having to take medicine; but my sponsor is constantly reminding me that sometimes medicine is just a necessary evil to help us heal physically. Thank heaven for my sponsor!

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