Sunshine bought a boat while we were living on Caddo Lake. It kind of made sense, I guess. We didn’t go fishing, we don’t ski or anything, but we lived on a lake so I guess it made sense to get a boat.

The boat got used twice.

For the last bunch of months, that boat has been sitting in the backyard gathering leaves and whatever else falls from trees. Shit like twigs and acorns.

Last week, Sunshine saw that an old friend of his was looking for a boat. This friend was offering an RV for a boat. Since we need some guest quarters out here, Sunshine decided to trade the boat for this RV.

Now we have this parked behind us, blocking the driveway that leads to the spot where we are going to build our little house. Eventually, it will get moved so that it isn’t blocking the driveway; until then, well, it’s just another thing that makes it look like a parking lot or wrecking yard or something.

side note: I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t matter that this thing is blocking the driveway since the driveway is only half repaired anyway.

Without further ado, I give you our guesthouse.

final note: I did find out what that teevee was doing in the yard. It was in the trailer with some of the family B’s other stuff that they moved out of their home. It apparently fell over during the move, and was damaged beyond repair.


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