I’m still on the couch trying to heal my back and hips, and it’s boring as shit. Sunshine has been traveling to various movie theatres promoting the documentary he’s in, so I’ve mostly been home alone.

Mollie and I decided to take a little walkie and enjoy the nice weather. While we were strolling around, I happened upon this.

I don’t even know what to say. 

I guess Fred Sanford moved in while I wasn’t looking.

Final note: there is also a ninja blender on the ground behind the TV.


4 thoughts on “Interesting

      1. Nope. Not me. I’m done cleaning up other people’s messes out here. All the trees and tree branches that got torn down during the septic system repair weekend from hell? Can stay right where they fell for all I care. I’m tired of being the only one that gives a shit that there’s a mess, and I’m tired of hurting myself doing shit nobody but me cares about. So I promise I’m not picking that shit up😊


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