Weekly Progress Report: some cleanup

Mr B was finally able to get out there with his tractors and start cleaning up the mess from that great septic system debacle.

He took a lot of dirt and piled it on top of the scars above the field lines. Yes, he had already filled them in, but it had already started settling into the trenches and there were large sunken spots.

He then drove over them to compact the dirt. After that, he swapped tractors and used a box blade to smooth it out.


He didn’t get to the trench for our electrical feeder cable. Which is understandable, since he he drove me to a meeting and then it started raining. So there are still giant cavities that need to be dealt with, and I am obviously in no condition to get out there and do it with a shovel.

It’s progress, and I’ll take it.

final note: while all of this earth moving was going on, we had a power outage. I had just started a roast in a crockpot, and didn’t want it to go bad while we waited on the power company to restore service. So, I had Mr B help me dig up the portable generator and fire it up so I could run an extension cord through the kitchen window so it could keep cooking. The portable generator was much easier than jump-starting the on-board generator since that requires a jump-start. It’s nice having backup plans when the power goes out.



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