Mr B has been on a shopping spree of sorts lately. First, he bought that big orange tractor that specializes in moving dirt around. Then he bought himself a truck and trailer to haul the orange tractor around. Then he took off to parts unknown and bought a thing that chops stuff up. He says we can use it to chop up the compost heap to speed up the process.


Speaking of compost heaps, ours is growing quickly thanks to the spoiled food I bring home from work.

compost heap 4 march 2017.jpg

Mr B has also purchased a thing that drills water wells. He says we can also use it to drill a vertical geothermal system. I like that idea, especially after the septic system repair debacle.


We have lots of plans in the works out here. I’m hoping that we can get some of them in the works soon, and completed soon after.

final note: it has finally dried up enough for Mr B to get out there and start working at cleaning up the mess of trenches and piles of clay/mud out there. I’m hoping he gets it done before any more rain moves in.


2 thoughts on “Plans

    1. No. I just wandered around and took some pictures. Mr b would throw a fit if I started doing any physical work out here. He’s kinda upset with me for borking up my back (and none of that even considers how Sunshine would react if I picked up a shovel or something)

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