It’s still a mess out here

The giant piles of mud and all the muddy, half-filled trenches are starting to think about drying out. Of course, there’s still standing water in some spots and there are giant mounds of clay and mud everywhere, but “until it dries out, nothing we do will have any value” according to Mr B.


It would appear that somebody disagrees with Mr B’s assessment. Somebody got out there with a shovel and finished filling in the last set of ruts I had been working on.


It actually was a big help. The rest of the spots that I’ve been concerned about can be smoothed out by gravel and we will have a driveway again.

We also finally got the rest of our foam blocks out here. Now we have our insulation when we get ready to start building the structure.


It’s not much, but it’s something. Today, as I’m sitting here on the couch trying to heal this back and hip pain, I’ll take the small victories.


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