Job Description

Apparently my job description has changed. Because apparently my workplace has changed.

I thought I worked at a produce stand. Until I got to work yesterday morning and saw what the boss had done.


This is Murphy. Murphy is a two week old baby goat. The boss is having to bottle feed the little goat. This little goat is the size of a fucking chihuahua right now. Murphy cries a lot. We finally got him to stop crying and take a nap in this box. Murphy is very cute.

But that isn’t all that the boss has done.

mollie and buddy.jpg

This is Buddy. Buddy is a little pig. Some kind of potbelly pig. Murphy is the boss’ new pig, because Chop-Chop died about a month or so ago. Chop-Chop got sick, and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him, and he passed away while they were still trying to diagnose him. Buddy is currently about the same size as Mollie. As you can see, Mollie is not amused by Buddy. Mollie was not amused by Murphy, either. I think his crying upset her.

So, apparently, I now work at a petting zoo. There’s a cat, some chickens, a tiny little baby goat, and a wee little baby pig.

Wish me luck.

3 thoughts on “Job Description

  1. I would LOVE to arrive at the office and find a goat in a box under my desk. Though you’re right, it would probably be quite distracting. I don’t think my boss is going to get a goat.

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