Physical Therapy

I decided to pick up my longbow not too long ago, and get out there with Sunshine and shoot arrows at shit. That led to him dragging me to the pawn shop to buy m a compound bow.

Sadly, I can’t even draw that bow he bought me. And he won’t adjust it so that it takes less effort. Well, he offered but I could tell he wasn’t real thrilled with the idea.

I’ve been lifting the dumbbells every day. Well, except for the last several days when we had so much digging going on because they dug up pretty much all of the yard because the septic system was leaking and they decided it was the perfect time to do almost every single digging project we could think up. I’ve been busy with a shovel, and I’ve been busy with laundry. Because everything has to be washed, and washed real good, after one has been digging in poo tainted mud.

Well, yesterday I finally got back around to the dumbbells.

It’s frustrating. My right side has no trouble with the basic exercises, and it has full range of motion. The left side? Not so much. I’m basically having to rebuild my left shoulder, arm, and the left side of my torso. And it hurts. I’ve got shortened tendons throughout my arm and shoulder from where I’ve favored that side of my body since around the turn of the millennium. It’s disheartening to know that the right side can do all sorts of things, but the left side has trouble holding a can of soup straight out to the side at shoulder height. It’s gotten to the point where I have to put on some edgy music to stay motivated to do the exercises that are more like physical therapy.

It makes me want to cry, because I realize just how far I have to go before I have any hope of actually being able to draw that bow.

I won’t give up, though. I really want to shoot shit with arrows. It makes less noise than a firearm, so it’s perfect for killing zombies and shit. I’ll also benefit greatly from the physical therapy that is slowly rebuilding my left side.

I just may cry a lot before I get there.


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