Exciting news

So back when we were living in the swamp, the weirdest thing happened. Some documentary film crew showed up in town, and the mayor of the town had thrown Sunshine under the bus and sent the crew looking for the hog hunter (AKA Sunshine). They followed him (and some other people) around for almost two years.

side note: I wasn’t far removed from my stagehand days, so I was NOT impressed with a film crew. Hell, I had been in Kevin Costner’s living room helping his wife rearrange furniture, sat in on Jethro Tull soundcheck, driven Theory of a Deadman around town to dinner and the mall, and got to meet Big Bird. However, I did get to spend time with them without their cameras running, and I grew to really admire them as people.

This little documentary film they made went through two Sundance Institute labs and another lab at George Lucas’ ranch. The finished product made its world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival in 2015 and won an award. Sunshine got to walk the red carpet and have his photos taken (along with the other featured gentlemen) by a Getty photographer.

The film has played at several film festivals around the world in the intervening two years. It has received a lot of great reviews in publications like The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, and all kinds of other places.

Well, we have finally got dates and locations for theatrical release. It looks like Sunshine is about to have to make the rounds, as they have promised that the cast and crew will be at certain showings.

It’s all very exciting. Sunshine’s story, and Mr Henry’s story, are powerful shit.

So, if you’re interested in seeing a powerful story about some men and their search for redemption, here’s the link to see if it’s going to be playing near you


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