Nazca Lines

I wish I had an airplane so I could get an overhead view of the scope of the mess we have on our hands here.

I’ll start with a quick explanation of why we have so much of the property dug up at the moment.


Yeah, that would be a section of french drain hose. That french drain hose is what was originally used (NOT by us; rather, by whatever idiot thought that was a good idea at some unspecified point in the past) to make the leach lines or lateral lines or field lines or whatever they’re called for the septic system here. French drain hose does not make an adequate field line. The entirety of it had been compromised; in some spots, it was so bad that there was always standing water above the breaks. Even worse, the entirety of the field line system was french drain hose. About 3′ of pvc pipe extending directly from the septic tank was all that was NOT french drain. Who even does that shit?

While Mr B was digging up all of that nonsense, he decided that now was the perfect time to dig up every project we had put on the to-do list for the entire year. Which led to about 2316844321 miles of trenches being dug on the property.

We added a water line to the garden



We added the water line for our little house


We had to replace all the field lines for the septic system


This pond will be getting filled in at some point, probably starting with a lot of the clay we dug up.



Like, the new driveway is ruined in so many spots. Also? The gravel from these ruined spots got used for filling in under all those pipes we put in the ground.


we moved dirt from near our little house site to shore up the berms around the tornado shelter


it’s a giant mess for sure

Like, I can’t even begin to explain adequately just how much shit got dug up this past weekend. I also can’t even begin to guess how long it will be before mother nature works her magic and covers these scars up with something green that will require a lawnmower, which is probably a good thing considering last year’s struggles with the out-of-control lawn. At least Mr B has been a busy little bee and immediately got on the task of using his giant orange toy to start pushing dirt back in all those fucking trenches. Most of them have been covered back up; the rest will be covered ASAP (just as soon as the rain ends).

Somebody please come save us from ourselves. Please?


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