Finished Projects

I’m pretty sure we haven’t actually finished anything we started this weekend.

We got the electric cable run from the future meter location to the future breaker panel location. I can’t call the task completed yet because we still need to add the upright portions of the conduit and we need to tape off the ends before this rain shows up tomorrow. Sunshine is supposed to be grabbing the pieces-parts he needs on his way home from work. The trench is partially filled in; Mr B will complete that part of it when he gets around to it with his big orange tractor that specializes in moving dirt around.


side note: I got to be a stagehand for about an hour. It made me remember why I had to quit. I can still do it, and I can still do it well; I just can’t do it fast anymore.

We have a functional septic system again even though it isn’t buried yet. Mr B has to go get some pea-gravel and put it in the trenches before he can put the dirt in there. He actually did the final digging on these trenches last night. I woke up to even more mess than was out there when I went to bed Saturday night. Look to the left, you can see it.



side note: in typical Mr B fashion, he has changed the game plan halfway through the play in progress. He is now going to take a lot of that ridiculous, stupid, horrible, no good clay that came out of those trenches and use it to start filling in the front pond. We have only seen it full for a very short time after all those rain bombs last year and we don’t like the idea of all the snakes that hang around water. Also? Mosquitos.

First thing yesterday morning, Sunshine dug up the trench for our water line that will service our little house. If you look off to the left here, you can kind of see the mess Mr B made after dark last night. Just to the right of the chicken house you can see the trench for the water line to our house.



side note: I would give anything to see this place from a plane right about now. I would imagine it looks like some crop circles or Nazca lines or some shit.

We also have run a water line up to the front fence line to make it easier to water the garden in the future. We’ve gotten the pipes in the trenches for the water lines, but we won’t be connecting them until we have time to chase down any leaks there may be.

I’m just glad that the weekend is over and we can flush the toilet as many times as we want without fear of raw sewage leaking all over the yard around the deck of the pink house.

Now, my ass is off to make a meeting. My body is achy, which means I really need to feed my spirit.

final note: I’ll grab some more pictures of the mess today and share them with you tomorrow.


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